Thursday, March 23, 2017

2084 Babaji –The Novel

2084 Babaji, a novel
Recently, I looked through my earlier writings on social media, blogs and book and an idea emerged that some of it can be combined into a fascinating new short novel. From this emerged the new short novel – 2084 Babaji. Dear reader, if you get a chance to read it please do,. It has revealed many secrets about our world and the mystic side of life not yet widely known aside from being an engrossing story. It is available at several outlets including Amazon stores in both print and the Kindle electronic format.

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Vinod Khurana said...

Heartiest congratulations dear Ashok ji on publication of your new novel.May God bless you and your works that they keep on touching everyone!

Ashok Babaji said...

Thanks a lot for your encouragement and kind words Vinod. Best wishes