Mix herbs and vegetables in the flower garden

Spinach mixed with Balsam flowers growing against a  boundary wall in author's home
An earlier post had described that if one had space indoors and light through windows then it is a lovely idea to grow herbs and other things indoors in pots. However, if the season is right and you have some space to garden outdoors then mixing in leafy vegetables like spinach, celery, goosefoot, lettuce etc. is a wonderful idea in flower beds. They look wonderful as shown in the picture from my garden. It shows spinach growing in with balsam flowers in a small strip against a boundary wall. Then one can go on to add small fruit trees and berry bushes in the garden too. Just a bit of a lemon tree is visible on the right of the picture. One may also include herbal bushes like basil, sage and curry leaf in the garden. I have several in mine.

When there are edible things growing around the garden, then one can make any meal delightful by adding some fresh organic green things picked right from home. Do not forget to pick up some edible flowers too if you are inviting people over. They are just great to decorate the desert after the meal... Leaves and flowers of many of these plants can be dried and stored for use later and some such as sage make an excellent cup of tea. A tea of balsam flowers, fresh or dried will help newly married couples to start a family sooner as described in detail in an older post ( Older posts can be searched by using search tool in left side bar)

"A pretty garden is nice, one producing edibles is even nicer; the first heals the soul, the second the body as well"


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