Lazy, Stupid and the Blessed

These are the majority. They may not do much good for others but they do not harm others much either, at least not intentionally. They strive not enough but are quick to fold their hands and lie down to rest. This day shall pass and another shall come and so shall their poverty. The universe shall do them no great harm since they harm none. The harm they do themselves suffices. Yet there are days of song and dance that shall bring some joy to their weary days.

There is a minority of the opposite kind too, those who strive and struggle much. They rest not. As days pass they accumulate much wealth,  enough to pass their days in peace, in beauty and joy, for as long as they remain upon the face of the earth. Yet most are stupid. Instead of enjoying the song of birds and the song of loved ones, lending a helping hand to a fellow human, to the birds and the forests, they continue to struggle. They got enamored of false pleasures, of trying to have yet more. So overpowering is their greed that they do not stop to think twice as they walk over fellow humans in their pursuits. Their misery increases by the day just as their wealth does, until one day, the Lord puts an end to it all even as he pushes them into their graves. Yet not all graves lead to a  bottomless pit. They may yet get another chance, in a new life, to think things afresh.

Few are the blessed who pass their days in peace and joy for long as they walk upon the face of the earth, doing the right thing by themselves and the world. When the dress they wear now, their flesh and bones wears out, the Lord awaits them with a fresh new dress, to lead them into a yet more joyous garden of bliss.
If you are poor, live wisely
If you have riches, live wisely
It’s not your station in life but your heart that brings blessings


Vinod Khurana said…
Profound wisdom in your few simple words,dear Babaji

Some do nothing
but do no harm
with just a little
content they are
then there're those
who know no rest
much they have
yet accumulate more
in between are some
who work to live
and do good
to others selflessly
the choice is ours
how to live
what to take with us
and what to leave

with regards

Ashok Babaji said…
So beautifully expressed the message of the post in lovely poetry. Thanks Vinod.

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