Karma is a Sweet Rose

Karma is a pain

We have one here whose life is nothing but pain and suffering. People he could have counted on - spouse, siblings even children and friends provide no solace but add to his woes. There is pain in the body and there is pain in the pocket as financial worries trouble. He tosses and turns in his bed at night as anguish, trauma and memories of injustices torment his soul. There is neither good food to eat nor a good place to live. He has lost all hope in this world. He looks upward and beyond, is there a god up there who might help? He learns of the value of truth as from his suffering compassion and wisdom. His troubles may be steep but he finds solace in lending a helping hand to a fellow human, in little deeds of kindness.

The Unseen Eye watches all. Time and forgiveness wipes out his anguish and tears. His traumas are lost in the mists of time and history. People around him become sweet again and there is good money and profits that have begun to pour in even as the pain and tiredness in his body disappears.

Karma is a sweet Rose

Life is full of happiness; there is enough for good food, a nice place to live and more. There is a spring in his step and laughter in his moments. World is full of so many wonderful things to enjoy he says as he rests on his comfortable bed at night and drops of to sleep. The day’s entertainment has been tiring. He shall wake up to another day of celebration. Who is watching if he cheats a bit? It is so much sweeter to increase one’s gain and profits. Look at those poor vermin and bums on the streets he says. He must talk to the mayor to declare such eyesores illegal on the streets. Look, that guy is talking of God! Has anyone ever seen Him? This talk of ethics and morality, just made up stuff to keep the gullible controlled and in their place. You can’t call anyone a thief if no one is watching or knows!

The Unseen Eye watches all. With time and deeds good karma has come to an end, but there is a lot of another other kind to take care of now, for an education of the soul through practical experience of how it feels to be on the other side

Karma is a pain,



Vinod Khurana said…
So true,the words full of wisdom,dear Babaji:

When the tidings're good
that's the time to be vigilant
and prepare for the times
that're hard and difficult
it's not possible to avoid the pain
but it's easier to bear the same
who wait patiently and welcome equally
whatever's on plate
the pleasure or pain
with regards
Ashok Babaji said…
A beautiful poem indeed Vinod. Makes the post so much nicer. Thanks for contributing.

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