Joy of Indoor Plants

If you have windows in your home through which sunlight comes in for a part of the day and if there is some space beside it to spare, then indoor potted plants are a wonderful addition, especially in places where the winter is freezing and there is snow outdoors for a part of the season. Such plants do not spread dirt inside as long as there are trays beneath the pots to catch water that drains out.

The plants can be those with decorative foliage, flowers, herbs or even young trees that you rear indoor for planting outdoors in spring and summer. Such pots can be moved outdoors or indoors according to the season.

If you grow herbs like celery there shall always be fresh green leaves on your dinner plate whenever you wish. The leaves are the healthiest parts and this is what is eaten in Arab countries where the plant originates and not the stalk, roots, oil or salt as in West because that can lead to severe allergies for some. Even the leaves might cause allergy for a few but the chance is much reduced and there is hardly a food out there that does not cause allergy to someone or the other.

Many young trees are extremely beautiful when young and in pots indoors in cold winters. One can develop these from seed too. When they grow too tall for the pot and it a season to picnic outside in the countryside, carry the potted trees with you and some gardening implements to plant it outdoors. Return to picnic around the same spot a few times during the season and water these if necessary. Mother Earth has become desperately short of her green cover over the last century or so and in doing so, you shall not only contribute to improving the environment of the planet but give something back to Mother Earth that gives us  food from a vast selection every day of our life and every breath we breathe.

If you find a nice wild flower or fern sapling nearby when you go to plant the trees,  you can dig it out to fill up the pot again to take home. It shall be a gift of gratitude of the forest to you, a rare plant that is not found in plant nurseries. In the entire process of planting do take care that roots are disturbed or damaged as little as possible and water the area around the planting to start the plants off. 
“One who gives to the world shall be returned more from the Universe but all shall be taken away from the one who only takes when the time for it comes and pray it is not a time when it hurts most.”

NOTE:  Babaji Ashok has been a Professional Engineer, Scientist as well as a spiritual seeker in the Himalayan mystic tradition, hence his ideas on things to do often contain a spiritual message. This approach is best illustrated in his Novella – Mystic and the Blossoms – that involves the transformation of an entire backward village into a place of immense beauty and prosperity. It can be found easily at Amazon and other places online through a google search.


Vinod Khurana said…
Very useful and practical tips,dear Babaji:

The flowers and plants
greet you each morning
and every time you pass
by their side
No frown no noise
just beauty and peace
keep them near you
wheresoever you live
Indoor plants do magic
and such it's
which neither fame
nor money
or any delicacy
would ever bring....with regards/Vinod
Ashok Babaji said…
With truth and simplicity
Your words of Beauty
Dear Vinod Ji
Much admired
By me and visitors that drop by
The message they do amplify
Vinod Khurana said…
Thanks a lot for your encouraging and beautiful poetic words,dear Babaji.

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