How to find peace and beauty

As you look around the world through readily accessible media, you would find entire regions from Libya to Afghanistan through Gaza, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia are disrupted. Millions of humans, children are fleeing for their lives leaving home and all behind. Never before in the history of mankind have there been so many refugees in the world. While some of these drown in the oceans while escaping, some of the others that reach safety of countries like Australia or America stand a good chance of being captured and imprisoned in inhumane conditions, even children, even for years together. One discovers that child poverty is rampant in the richest countries of the world like USA and UK and there are homeless persons dying on the streets. 

When one reflects on the situation, one would perhaps arrive at the conclusion that at the root of so much human misery is nothing other than evil. It is not lack of resources that prevent any country from providing shelter to the homeless but lack of compassion and good human values. Even the poorest of Sikh communities in each and every part of the world had neither homeless nor a single beggar for hundreds of years because the community shelters them in their temples that include free kitchens. This blog has has had plans and designs for shelters that save communities money rather than cause an expenditure (search for HISA in the left side bar search tool)

How can sensitive humans find peace and beauty in such a world? While even the best of individuals can do little to improve the world for these are not things in his or her control, all have full control on their own attitudes and inclinations. When any human increases virtues of love, truth, simplicity and beauty in their own lives then the world around them changes and surrounds them with peace and beauty. Even in the worst of times on the planet, there have always been parts of great peace and beauty as there have been individuals filled with goodness

This does not mean one should ignore the rest of the world and let it bask in its own misery. It is incumbent upon every good human to make whatever little contribution they can to make the world in their reach a better place. Those who are comfortable financially would easily find a child in need or a family in hunger to help. Those without much money also have some assets they can share with the world. All can raise tree saplings from seeds and then plant them out on any barren land in their vicinity. This not only helps Mother Earth but also the planet as a whole, making it a better place for all life that dwells upon it because at the present time the planet has been depleted much of its green cover.

Those who are well educated and have access to the internet as most do nowadays can access anyone in the world through social media. If through this they assert their support for good human values and express disgust for poor and evil ones, violence, hate and lies then they contribute to a general opinion pool for greater good. However, much involvement with the dark side of the planet can also impact negatively for whatever a mind focuses on tends to become a part of one’s life. Therefore, this latter involvement has to be done with care to the extent that it does not disrupt one’s own serenity for that would make one less capable of helping even oneself leave alone any one else.

One shall find peace if one reserves time for communing with nature and meditation on the Universal consciousness. May the Lord add much peace and beauty in the lives of all readers of this blog.


Vinod Khurana said…
Lovely writeup,dear Ashok ji

Lotus blooms and floats
the muddy waters below
smiling and pure
spreading peace and happiness
not what it bore
Live like that
share what you have
not your wounds and sores
let them make you wiser
but may they not touch
what you have to offer
to make a better world

with regards

Ashok Babaji said…
Thanks Vinod. Your lovely poem has added the beauty it needed.

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