Forests and Mother Earth

Mother Earth has a varied topography across the globe from fertile plains, arid lands, deserts, hills and mountains. Some parts are covered with snow while others are grasslands and forests. On this dwells a huge variety of life ranging from tiny bacteria to humans with Mother Earth providing food and sustenance for all. A huge role is played by forests in keeping the planet healthy. While forests provide food and shelter for many wild animals and birds, they are also a source of energy and building materials for humans.

Over the last century and a half, as human population has grown exponentially, humans have caused huge damage to forests. Some have been cleared for agriculture and others to utilize wood for construction and industrial activity without replacing with new trees. While both fossil fuel emissions and deforestation contributes to climate change, it is the belief of this author, as explained in several other blog posts that in the main deforestation is a major cause of global warming. Although this is not currently the main stream view, all agree that forests contribute to a better climate and a healthier planet.

Forested lands are cooler than deforested ones because of evaporation, reflection and shading by tree leaves. If forests are removed, a rise in temperature on the planet as a whole is expected. Moreover, forests also slow down winds that rage across the planet and contribute to arresting climate extremes. If humans desire a better, more secure environment, then it is essential that they make every possible effort to restore a healthy forest cover on the planet as soon as possible besides planting more trees on farm boundaries, in cities and villages.

At the present time, food producing trees are an ideal choice for forests so as to meet some of the food needs of a huge human population and reduce pressure to clear forests for food productions. When oil plantations or orchards are planted on agricultural land or cleared forests, it is best to introduce bio-diversity within it by say planting 20% trees different from the main crop but natural to the area in order to maintain health of the plantation and the planet.

Humans have established villages, towns and cities on the vast and varied landscape of Mother Earth. While fertile plains are best suited for agriculture, arid ones are good for industrial and mining activities. Towns and villages also exist on mountains and while these are some of the most scenic and idyllic locations on earth, towns are needed all across the planet, wherever humans dwell for their livelihood. Some of the most heavenly places to live on Earth are areas that have some level ground, a lake and surrounded by green forested mountains. However such areas are neither suited for agriculture nor industry and it is best to reserve such towns for tourists, educational institutions and dwellings for retired persons. There are several such places within mountains on the planet. Some do not have a lake but if not and they have a river flowing through it, one can be created easily by erecting a dam on its lower side.

Whether it is deserts or green mountains, humans have created lovely places to live when ever goodness has prevailed. On the other hand, some of the best of locations to live on the planet have been turned into a living hell when greed, corruption and violence stalk the land. Africa and Latin America are prime example of this latter state at the present time. South America has some of the loveliest and greenest of locations on the planet but people there do not have the best quality of life because it seems corruption is rampant in its governance and violence among some its people.

Wherever humans live, there is enough water to plant trees within the habitation and to develop forests in portions of surrounding countryside. This task needs an active involvement of all humans. There was a time when much of Earth was covered by forests and humans did not feel the need to plant more trees. Therefore, systematic tree planting has not been a strong part of human culture. However the time has arrived for humans to make it so. Mother Earth is extremely generous but her generosity is not infinite. If humans continue to take from her without giving back, she would undoubtedly create condition to make life difficult for such of her children and then remove them if necessary so that she may work once again in peace to restore her pristine glory over a thousand years. “Be gone’ she will say, “I have to make the place fit for living again.
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Vinod Khurana said…
Very useful and informative article with beautiful pictures

They meet and merge
the body and soul
when they separate
it's a lifeless body
a wandering soul
but together a temple
with soul's new clothes
So're forests
earth's own soul
heaven on earth they bring
and make man's journey
a lovely sojourn

with regards
Ashok Babaji said…
Thanks Vinod. I loved the second picture a lot too, found it on twitter and seems they were happy for me to share it here in the blog. Truly there are parts of earth that are just like heaven. With human effort and technology many more such heavenly places can be created easily.
Vinod Khurana said…
Thank you very much for your untiring efforts to make the world more spiritual & beautiful.
With regards

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