Friday, February 24, 2017

A Fresh New Blog

On a boat in Nainital
When a blog is an old one like the present one, it tends to get unwieldy and gathers a lot of unnecessary baggage. It is then time to start a new one. I did precisely that a few days ago. The new blog is simpler in structure and confined exclusively to spirituality unlike the present one that contains a lot else on life, from food to trees; economy to policy; poetry to humor, some even a bit ribald.

Much of the content of the new blog is selected from this one and some of my other blogs. However, while the original was often published in a hurry, now it has the benefit of editing as well as the benefit of experience. If you have been a follower of this blog please do check out the new one too. I have put a link for follow there in the left side bar so your image would then be displayed if you follow. Please do. I will continue to post in this blog from time to time but more frequently over there now perhaps. If you leave a comment there suggesting improvements that would be great. Check out today’s post there at:

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