When the Lord Holds Your Hand

Those who reflect on flow of events through life would not have failed to notice that there are times when we set out to do something and we face hurdles and obstacles all the way through, while there are other times when everything goes smoothly. These last are the times when the universe cooperates and assists, when we make the right choices and there is confidence in our heart that all is well. These last are the times when the Lord is holding our hands and leading us to experience what is in keeping with our karma. It is our reward, opportunity, education and experience to push us along in our endless journey through the universe.

The times when we face obstacles and difficulties in whatever it is that we have set out to do may not be in accordance with our destiny and there is a chance that despite pain and effort we undertake the result will be less than satisfying. Wise persons must always stop to reflect if they should give up that undertaking or change plans in another direction. This does not mean that we should avoid struggles and intense effort in life, when required to do so, for much that is beautiful in life comes from intense effort. What needs to be done is to evaluate if along the way of such difficult tasks we have a feeling of satisfaction, that the effort, albeit hard, is joyous and that the undertaking does not involve compromising our ethical and good human values, for that would led to more bad karma for future.

Proceeding thus, life becomes a far more joyous journey then it is possible otherwise and leaves one smiling and singing through much of life rather than sobbing and sulking through it. It is also important to realize that both hardships and good times have limited life. They disappear when that karma is exhausted. Thus hardships shall pass and we need to be patient through them and use that as an opportunity to learn about life; to become wiser and more evolved. Even when faced with gravest of difficulties we need to remind ourselves that we shall not live forever and even this life shall pass soon.

The good times shall pass too. In this latter case wise souls enjoy that reward, thank the Lord for that good time while it is on and when it has ended they wait for more delightful adventures in their journey through life and beyond. Yet there are foolish childish souls that kick and scream as they are dragged away from their good experience when it has come to an end (that includes most of us : ); even worse they end up doing a lot of wrong things in order to preserve some or all of their advantages or protect from perceived loss. This last results in a huge amount of bad karma for their future. Many political leaders in Africa and some elsewhere are classic and most visible examples of this to the world at large when their elected terms of leadership has come to an end


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