Visiting the Himalayas

A view for the Silver Oaks Mountain Resort near Palampur in the Himalayas
This blog has been around for several years. Inspired by its tag line, many readers from around the world have been inspired to make a visit to the Himalayas. There are numerous destinations to choose from along the length of these scenic and majestic mountains, the tallest in the world. This blogger has had deep ties to the Himalayas since childhood. The name of one of the tallest of its peak – Sunanda Devi – has been revealed by this author a few years ago, in one of his books, due to spiritual grace of the Mother Goddess. It was earlier referred to simply as Nanda Devi East but since this revelation the new usage has become popular.

A visitor from afar may choose any one or more of its numerous destinations to visit that are accessible to tourists from the happy Kingdom of Bhutan in the East to the valleys of song and dance in the west.. While some have been enthralled by the experience there are also some that returned less than satisfied. The reason for this is that the Indian Himalayas are located in a country that exceeds any other in its diversity; it has a mix of good and bad when it comes to arrangements for stay and travel. Although none is disappointed by the picturesque scenery and ambience, one needs the right place to stay as well to have the best possible experience, one that is homely comfortable, not expensive and run by a sound management.. The best approach is to take guidance from others who have already made the trip if possible and to do some research on your own that has become easy with the internet nowadays..

Here is one place this blogger can recommend as an idyllic location that is located in the lower Western Himalayas and is therefore easy to reach. It is called Silver Oaks Mountain resort. It is located near the Himalayan town of Palampur famous for its tea estates. The owner is a former officer from the India Air Force. He discovered this destination just from his love of the Himalayas and purchased some land there. Soon after, he set up the facility to share the joy of the location with others similarly interested. The place is not expensive yet superbly clean and comfortable with lovely well furnished  and spacious rooms with a view. It also has a blog page where an interested reader can get more information at:

Those interested in making the visit for spiritual reason may also wish to look through the author’s blog for other locations in the Nainital Himalayas at:
Only the very adventurous, hikers and mountaineers may attempt to venture into deeper locations such as the Valley of flowers or the Nanda Devi National Park for a view and blessings of  the sacred soul stirring Nanda Devi and Sunanda Devi mountain peaks. Information on these latter places can be found in Wikipedia.


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