The World has Changed Today – Donald Trump and Mike Pence

Trump Pence Amaryllis

What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people.    Donald J. Trump
When news came that Donald Trump and Mike Pence have been inaugurated as the new President and Vice President of the United States of America, I immediately tweeted that the world has just changed, there is a new POTUS in the White House. To that tweet I attached a photo of a deep red Amaryllis that grows in my garden naming it the Mike-Pence Amaryllis. The naming had been done a couple of days ago when CNN had tweeted that a new insect had been named on Donald Trump. I tweeted back with this nomenclature and picture here as a counter.

The Victorians have associated Amaryllis flower with strength and determination because of its height and sturdiness and it seemed an appropriate choice among flowers for the eminent personalities. Amaryllis flowers in similar red colors are not new but to my knowledge this one has not been named after any eminent personality before. Naming roses after famous persons is more common. Besides, the precise shading that any flower develops depends on the environment in which the flower has grown for several years as this one has in my home. If the White House chose to grow this type of Amaryllis in rows in front of the White House, the red color would look rather nice in spring and summer against the majestic white backdrop. Visitors would then exclaim,
“Look, how lovely, It is Trump - Pence”
I was delighted when Trump won the election and was confident he would after Bernie Sanders dropped out from the race. There are tweets and blog posts about this from me from months ago. When CNN had published polls that Hillary would win with a huge probability, I had tweeted back that they will look very stupid when the election results come. This tweet is still in my twitter feed. I had also tweeted much earlier that Trump would win Michigan too and that too should be in my twitter feeds. Such predictions arise not from scientific polls of the kind media depends on but on what is mentioned in the very last brief lines of this note.

I could never bring myself around to supporting Hillary even though I consider her lovely as a person because the Clintons have enriched themselves much in the years of their stated public service. Although not against businessmen and others enriching themselves much, provided they do it ethically, I have never been in favor of those who do so while in public service. True, that many politicians in democracies around the world are doing similarly but none of them are my heroes leaving only a few like Jose Mujica of Uruguay and Narendra Modi of India for example who have not done so and that I can admire freely among politicians.

Therefore I had supported Donald Trump on twitter right up to his inauguration, to the extent that a few possible Hillary supporters had tweeted back asking if I was a Russian Asset. Just to clarify, to my knowledge, I have not communicated with any person from Russia or their middle men, over the last several decades. Further, for the last seven years or so, ever since retirement from professional service, I have not taken even a penny from any organization or individual depending entirely on my own resources and the Lord even as the hermits in the wilderness do. Moreover I also do not associate myself with any group or association even though many have invited, so that I may express any of my thoughts entirely independently in a way that might make even a humble contribution to improving the world we all share.

One is saddened by the sense of loss of those who had supported Hillary Passionately, many of them lovely persons,  but as in football matches so in democratic elections, the fact that one or other side would lose is inevitable and one has to move forward in life accepting that fact. At the end of the match it is best to hug each other in bonhomie until the next one. 

My tweet about Donald Trump yesterday did not mention if the change that has taken place would be beneficial for the world or not. One can only hope and pray that it would be. To my mind three of the most serious problems facing the world are rising inequalities that is driving some even in the richest countries of the world to homeless streets, violence and wars in Central America, Middle East and Africa, causing people, even children to flee from their homes terrified as refugees leaving all behind and in some cases of children even their most treasured possession in the universe - their parents. The third problem is those connected to environment, of rising pollution of our air, water and deforestation of the planet leading to huge climate instabilities.  

My hope is that the new team in the White House would help solve or substantially reduce some of the problems just mentioned. Donald Trump has the enthusiasm for change while Mike Pence has the necessary political experience to help steer this new car that Trump has jumped into, for in order to reach a new destination in a new car, one must also be adept at driving it.

May the sun warm the hearts and souls of all into love and compassion
As a person with spiritual interests, I do read signs and omens. Today morning in a dream just before waking up I saw clearly a picture of the Sun shining in the sky and took this as a sign that,
All shall be well


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