Keeping a Daily Diary

Some days back there was a tweet from Sir Richard Branson suggesting that keeping notes is a must habit. That reminded me of another good habit that I have known for long but never taken up, keeping a daily diary. Therefore, a couple of days ago I procured a large size note book and have begun making entries every evening. Wonder how long, I can keep up the habit because it has not been a part of my good habits before. However, I have decided to keep the diary and even if I skip some days I will keep it up on the days I can. It would indeed be an excellent place to record ideas one may forget otherwise.

One very simple reason to keep a diary is that although I write a lot, it has been on a keyboard for several years and I was beginning to feel that my handwriting has begun to deteriorate. This would help revive it.

An earlier post had mentioned that it is good to talk about or review the day’s activities in the evening. If you do not have a sympathetic companion to talk this over with every evening then writing a diary serves a similar purpose. It helps to delete any memory that would be stored in the subconscious otherwise with an emotional attachment. That creates unnecessary baggage for the mind. In the normal course it is resolved through karma, meditation or dreams; dealing with it on a daily basis soon after events unfold helps to reduce this load.

If you decide to begin a daily diary too, choose any size notebook you fancy. Enter the date on top and underscore it with a wiggly line that comes out better when drawing with hand rather than a straight line. Enter the day’s events, thoughts or whatever under it. Before beginning the entry on another day, leave a little blank space in case you wish to enter something more as an after thought. However, never record anything that you consider very private and will embarrass you if read by someone else. A diary is often discovered by others inadvertently.


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