Are these Some of the Favorite Foods of Her Majesty the Queen?

In an earlier post I hinted that spiritual persons acquire an intuition that permits them to predict future events at times or facts that are not available through direct information. and that is the source of some of the things I said during the American elections. I do go wrong from time to time because my life is still a far cry from that of the prophets. I am merely a humble seeker but once in a while there is Divine Grace. What I have prophesied has at times has come true against all expectations. Such knowledge comes not just facts but also from communion with the all knowing inner knowledge of the universe that never misleads unlike facts that can. It was for this reason that saints of lore were called prophets.

On a lighter note my mind went to guessing what the favorite foods of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the II might be. I have no personal knowledge of the topic not having bothered to research it but here is my guess.  I suspect it is nothing as exotic as truffles and caviar but simpler things like a grilled cheese sandwich for a snack. A traditional meal of roast, peas and potatoes as also tender chicken breasts and for deserts, straw berries with cream and small cakes topped with lots of sweet whipped cream, let people say it’s bad for weight! LOL!

Perhaps someone out there, who knows the Queen personally or has knowledge of the subject might verify or deny my guess. May Her Majesty live healthy and long. May the Lord Bless Her.


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