The myth of long life, the truth of immortality

Happy New Year 2017
Most humans aspire for a long life and wish the same for loved ones. Yet many mystics and spiritual persons have come to the realization that life is in fact immortal. The soul survives death and it is only the body that is discarded as a soul moves on to acquire yet newer bodies, just as a man discards worn out clothes and acquires a new dress.

The source of our likes and dislikes, inner habits, emotions, joys and sorrows i.e. the essence of our personality is our soul and it survives death. The mind and body are only temporary acquisitions. The soul uses the mind to store and process information in some ways similar to the manner in which a person uses a computer. While computers may work with a windows or android operating system, the mind works on a God designed operating system.

Yet not all are mystics or spiritual persons. Many are not convinced of the immortality of the soul. It is these latter who fear death and aspire for a long life. However, even spiritual persons who are aware of the immortality of a soul often ponder on the subject of what a good length of life is, how long should they wear their present suit, carry their present computer before discarding it to the recycle bin of Mother Earth and getting a new one from her.

It is a fact that neither the moment of birth or death is of one’s choosing. The universe decides both but as a person becomes more spiritual and comes closer to the Universal Spirit; they may participate in the discussion and deliberation.

When a human has young children or old parents who are dependent on him or her, it is natural to desire that they continue to live for this purpose. Children grow up and soon they are twenty or twenty one years old and would be better off to face the world on their own for better or for worse. For most this time comes before they are fifty years old and still quite able and agile. Soon after that the body begins to slow down. After sixty, these changes become pronounced, there is stiffness in joints and bones, eyesight fades and one begins to lose teeth one after another. One may run out of breath in a climb up a stairs and the legs become jittery in a climb down a hill. Daily chores become increasingly difficult as one becomes older and some may suffer serious ailments that lead to much pain or discomfort. While the precise nature and timing of these changes varies from person to person none escapes them. The longest lived cannot go beyond hundred and something years in their present bodies.

However, the time after 55 or 60, if one has retired from active work is a wonderful time for many older persons. They get some time to play and enjoy the company of their grand children perhaps, a truly lovely experience at that age or they get to indulge in some passions they had no time for in their earlier stages of life. Most important of all it leaves a person with time to reflect on life, resolve emotional dilemmas of the soul i.e. through their reflection or simply in dreams, thus discarding some of the burdens of the soul before they move on to a new life so that the next life becomes a better one. Most importantly they can contribute good to the world through their experience and wisdom acquired through the ages but refreshed through the experience of their present lives.

With all this any age between 65 to75 may be a good time for most persons to bid goodbye to the world unless they have some important things left to do. Some say even at that age that they still have more money to make, more fame to gather, wonderful new places to see and new romances to experience. These latter are not wise for when the time comes they shall not be able to carry their wealth or fame to their next lives. What is worse is in doing so, they shall compromise rather than fix the baggage of their souls that they shall carry with them and which decides their next housing. As regards new places to visit and new romances to experience, it would be far more pleasant and enjoyable in a younger body rather than their presently tottering frames.

The best a human can do is to leave the time of departure in the hands of the Lord, yet pray that the Lord recalls this model for a replacement before life becomes a tiresome chore, to protect one from pain while one is around and especially so in last moments when it is time to go.

It is far more worthwhile not to wish for a long life but for a good one where every new day is like a new life with its own special meaning, joy and magic. May such new joyous days come in your life forever in your journey through the universe to the universe.

I can hear an agnostic friend cry, what if this talk of soul and reincarnation is nonsensical. I do not believe a word of it, how do you know it is true, how can you prove it? My answer to this dear friend is, believe as you wish, but how would you matter if you are merely a blip in this infinite flow of time, there have been billions of others such, is this not true? I merely wish to consider you far more worthy than that, you are an immortal soul.
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience... We are spiritual beings having a human experience. - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Sudhir Goyal said…
AShok, I tend to agree to your comment in the blog "It is worthwhile not to wish for a Long Life, but a good one where every day is like a New Life".
I have a morning utterance or prayer for it.
Thank you Lord for breathing in fresh life in me this day.

For another perspective, there is a book by Dr. Deepak Chopra - 'Ageless Body, Timeless Mind - A practical alternative to growing old'
If you have had a chance to read this book, would you like to share your comments.
Ashok said…
Thanks for your view Sudhir. No, I have not read that particular book of Deepak Chopra. He is a family friend though. His father was in the army and we were neighbors twice in different Indian cities. Our parents were very close friends although we as children did not get much time to interact with each other.

But now you mention that book, I shall add it to my reading list soon as I find a copy I shall. Thanks again and do add your views whenever possible. They add much value for many others who read the blog from different countries.

Yes, your prayer is a nice one and I do something similar too. Each day is like a new life with a magic of its own.

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