Much of World Missing the Point in 1% Versus 99% Debate

In recent times, an idea has asserted that it is only a few in the world that control most of its wealth and power. It is said that even in democratic countries the top 1% own most of the wealth and control how our world functions to the extent that Nature permits. In fact such control is by much less than the 1%. It is by few among the 1% with the rest of the 1% being their families, associates, aids, employees and principal puppets and slaves.  

It has further been concluded by many thinkers that a just world requires that this domination and control of the 1% come to an end and that shall happen in part when capitalism ends and is replaced by communism or socialism. That might be even worse as past experience of mankind has shown because one important point is often missed in all this, and it is as follows,

It is not the control by 1 percent that is bad for the world, it is how that control is acquired and perpetuated. If lies, unethical and criminal means, exploitation, selfishness are used to acquire wealth and power by one per cent, it leads to a society and world full of misery. However, when such a control is based in love, truth, compassion and simplicity then we end up with a heavenly world in which the 99% do not complain about the 1% control of world but are happy for them to take care of the responsibilities of managing the world. It is always the few who must do that job. In this latter scenario, inequalities are not extreme and it is the poorest and most vulnerable members of society that are taken care of before the rich and powerful because the need of the former is far more acute and because that is the way of compassion.

In the most evolved form of this compassionate and democratic 1% world, privilege and power is not centered in the hands of a few by inheritance or long periods of lives but falls on the shoulder of any member of society by rotation. Humans have briefly enjoyed such a democratic society approximately during the Greek Athenian civilization and would do so again in future when goodness and truth establishes once again. That may happen after most humans destroy themselves through their greed and evil as saints have prophesied; for beyond a certain point that is perhaps the only way extreme greed ends.

A model for such a democracy that de-links power from money is described in an earlier note in this blog


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