The Lord Protects

Four O'Clock blooms in the author's garden this morning
In ancient times King Solomon the wise said that true protection cannot be provided by horses, guards and soldiers but lies in the Lord. While trying to understand ancient spiritual works in the light of modern scientific knowledge, this author has described in earlier posts that he considers God to be the entire universe and beyond, all of its seen and unseen even unknown parts and while one may view Him in various personified forms for ease of building a relationship He is Infinite and formless yet he is also all the forms in which a devotee may view Him with faith. Yet, just as we have our intelligence the universe as a whole has intelligence too and controls all that happens within it, inanimate matter and any life form from humans to viruses that are parts of it.

In modern times the rich and those considered powerful surround themselves with much security apparatus and armed guards etc. While such an infrastructure may protect them from some undesirable humans, there have been instances where the security guards themselves have turned assassins. However, much beyond such human or even animal dangers there is another one that lurks around us at all times in millions and billions. There is no guard that may protect even the most powerful of Kings from it if the Lord or universe so decides. These are the millions of bacteria and viruses that live within us, on us and all around us every moment of our lives, many beneficial yet some capable of producing great harm. While life has evolved in this mix and is therefore compatible with it, every now and then, a harmful virus may attack to yield anything from a mild disease to a most serious cancer. While some consider random factors are involved in this misfortune, those who trust in the Lord believe that we are protected from such and other dangers or left unprotected according to the supremely intelligent and infinite control of the lord.

Indeed if one were to do a statistical survey, the guess of this author is that percentage of violent, traumatic or painful ends of the rich and powerful is far greater than that of the humble, most of who meet a swift, painless and peaceful end in this lap of their journey through the universe. The Lord protects the humble and indeed that protection is likely to be highest for those who love the Lord too and the values He represents – Truth, Compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and simplicity.

The author was inspired to write this note today when yesterday, in a mysterious and inexplicable way, just before undertaking a personal spiritual mission of the Lord personified as Bhole Nath Shiva,  he was protected from a grave danger that had lurked around him for the last several years. Such instances have occurred in the past too in the author’s life and do not fall in the realm of coincidence based on any reasonable assessment of probability. The author believes it was a special gift from the Lord for deciding to undertake that brief yet significant spiritual mission in addition to the protection He provides at all times unasked. Jai Bhole Nath ki. Om Namah Shivaya


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