A Floral tea from the Garden

A small purple sage bush in the author's garden
Earlier posts in this blog have described many flowers and herbs that make an excellent tea. Nowadays my floral-herbal tea consists of five of them from the garden – Bougainvillea leaves and flowers, holy  basil, purple sage leaves and flowers, Palash flowers and scented red roses. Mixes of five different plants is about the upper limit for my herbal creations because my guess is that more than that is an unnecessary onslaught on the system

The mix is excellent for aging persons because it has things that take care of stiffening bones, stress, cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, wrinkling etc. that age often causes. It must be working, because with the grace of Mother Earth and Papa Universe I am delightfully free of these things despite being well past sixty. There are detailed notes on these herbs and flowers in earlier postings, if an interested reader wishes to search through.

The last two do not grow in my garden and have to be procured in dried form from the market. The others are picked from time to time, spread out on an old newspaper to dry on the dining table that is rarely used with me eating most times on the kitchen table or in the living room by the TV. The picture in this post was just snapped. It shows a purple sage bush growing in a quiet corner of the garden with a lot of other things including lobia beans. A small seat from stones was also created in this corner for a morning cup of tea. My home was built directly under my guidance from stones and bricks with utmost simplicity and low cost yet huge beauty and 
So it is with life that those who seek love, truth and simplicity find beauty, happiness and the song of birds but those who run after money, pomp and show lose it all along with their peace of mind.
Today also happens to be my younger daughter's 34th birthday and I created a card from an earlier picture from the garden. The card also includes greeting for Navya and Divya my grand daughters.  Keya is a medical doctor from one of the best medical universities with super specializations in anesthesia, internal medicine and geriatric care and perhaps from me or otherwise she also has much respect for the power of herbal medicines.


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