Lovely Birthday greetings in Verse

Vinod, just sent me lovely birthday wishes composed as a poem. Vinod is a class fellow from IIT Delhi and retired a few years ago as one of the senior most officers of the Indian bureaucracy (he was at the top of the equivalent of IRS in India). We have known each other and been friends for precisely 50 years now.

Happy Birthday
Forgive us dear friend
how could we forget
we shouldn't forget
our life and breath
friend of friends
monk among studs
worldly too but
not of the world
wise and bold
a style of your own
with a sublime touch
Happy birthday to you Dear Ashok ji
and our best wishes though belated
but warmest and most heartfelt
and our fervent prayers for a long
healthy and most fruitful life to you
May God Bless you ever
that you go on touching
billions of hearts and souls!

With lots of love and highest Regards

Vinod Khurana


Vinod Khurana said…
Thank you very much,Dear Ashok ji. I feel deeply honored with your kind words and the verse finding the place of pride in your esteemed blog.Wishing you a very Happy Birthday once again and our best wishes at all times.
With warm regards
Ashok said…
Although many posts of this blog are of an impersonal nature, some posts have been personal about me right from the beginning of the blog, and your poem is a precious addition in that direction, a lovely birthday gift. Thanks a lot for it.
Vinod Khurana said…
Thank you so much,Dear Ashok ji.

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