Why toil and trouble despite much Technology and Democracy

Eugene Delacroix, Horse Frightened by Lightning

Recent decades have seen an unprecedented progress and proliferation of technology and democracy on the planet. While this has provided much progress to humans, one of the most essential things required by humans – peace and happiness may not have increased at all. Rather we are seeing a huge rise of wars and refugees on the one hand  and a rise of economic inequality, stress, homelessness and child poverty even in the most developed parts of the world. The most developed country in the world, the US has the highest rate of citizens in prison than mankind has ever seen since the dawn of civilization.

The question to ask is why is this happening despite democracy and technology? While people offer different reasons, most are superficial ones. The real answer is quite simple; evil can make use of these things just as effectively as forces for good. In the most recent election covered widely in the media, a Party Primary in the state of South Carolina in US, people overwhelmingly rejected a person known for his impeccable honesty and integrity established over several decades while preferring another whom many others including those who vote for her have regarded as less so as the polls on media like CNN suggest. Seems honesty is no longer the top priority with many. In the UK people are questioning why their health services and other interests are being sold to centers of greed and profit but people must first question why they chose persons to do it for them. One cannot invite a die hard rapist to one’s home and then complain if raped.

Why are forces of greed and evil succeeding in democracies rather than those of good? The answer is the same as expressed in spiritual literature – humans under influence of greed or dishonesty themselves will be repeatedly lured by false promises of the devil or the fear generated by him rather than values of love, truth and simplicity, so that people get the leaders they deserve. Greed blinds humans into harming their own interests, and the affinity of those on unworthy paths is naturally drawn to leaders that excel in the same.

In the end though, because this perpetuation of endless greed is unsustainable, humans shall return to love and truth, some because of wisdom and others because of the suffering undergone. If they cannot do it on their own the Universe shall do it for them even with an Armageddon like scenario if necessary. One can only wonder when that would happen. There is much more on that in this blog at:


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