State of the Human

Parts of the planet we all share are amazingly beautiful. Mother earth has filled it with beautiful mountains, forests, fields of numerous grasses that soothe the soul and feed the stomach, wild flowers, springs, streams, lakes and rivers of clear water, trees with beautiful foliage that bring forth fruits of diverse sweet flavors and flowers through the seasons. The air mother earth provided for all her children to breathe is pure and father universe sends forth warm rays of sunshine most days when he is not busy watering the fields and forests. On this lovely beautiful planet of ours grow lovely flowers that delight the heart and assorted foods that are extremely delicious and nourishing.

Yet despite all this, there is only a small fraction of humans on the planet that enjoy bounties of nature in peace and happiness to the sweet song of birds that sing for them all through their lives. Many in fact are busy creating misery for each others, many driven out of their homes as refugees while others starve, some to death. Many live in cities with air that burns the throat and hurts the eyes, water that makes one sick unless a bomb falls from the sky and kills one off sooner.

What might be the spiritual cause of this misery for so many? It is not far to seek dear friends. A human charged with greed and pride is not satisfied with what mother has provided for free. They hanker for more and exploit each other and even perpetuate violence on each other for the same. The misery they perpetuate on themselves and each other is a direct consequence of this greed, pride and violence. When a soul establishes itself once again in love, truth and simplicity then it becomes worthy once more for enjoying what mother earth truly wishes for all.

A time of widespread wickedness may come when there is no option left for mother earth and father universe to call it quits for most. Souls from present and past, from the very beginning shall then be resurrected and gathered so that the planet becomes crowded with billions of humans for a while, ready for that Day of Judgment,

A day to sort the good fruit from the rest that have gone rotten 
for throwing into the deep dark pit that has no bottom. 

That time does appear to be at hand dear friends for we exceed seven billion in number already and only a few more remain to be resurrected.


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