Some of us may have suffered some grave injustice through the course of our lives or would have heard of some taking place elsewhere through the media. When that happens many of us tend to think that there is no justice in the world or even that there is no God or intelligent control in the universe to oversee it all. However, dear friends, that is not a helpful attitude. First of all it can prevent us from seeing any wrong that we may have done in the past that may have brought on these troubles and we may continue to do them again unless we change. Secondly, most important of all, we tend to view life over the short term when it is in fact an eternity that goes on through many lives in many places and many new physical bodies and over the long term the Lord surely ensures justice. 

We shall suffer our course of hardships, an education for our souls, as also enjoy the result of our good deeds when that happens. Leave the wicked alone for the universe to deal with. They shall surely receive their just deserts when the time comes for it. The best a human can do for himself or herself  at any given moment is the right thing while holding on to virtues of love, truth and simplicity. Gratefulness opens our soul to receive such blessings sooner rather than later and there is no bigger happiness than being contented with what we have received while striving for any more we desire only when possible with pleasant and righteous effort  that is full rather than devoid of compassion for all life we encounter in our journey.


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