God’s Own Garden – Valley of Flowers

Mystic and the Blossoms, http://www.amazon.com/Mystic-Blossoms-Ashok-Malhotra/dp/1411648579

While there are many beautiful gardens created by humans, none can match beauty of nature and some of the gardens that mother earth has planted on the planet but if there is one that fits best the title of God’s own garden, it is the valley of flowers and surrounding hills in the Himalayas. I visited this in early eighties and was immensely inspired by it. On my return from the trek, I passed through hugely dirty and poor villages and wondered if there was a message in this valley that could help these villages improve. The thoughts that emerged were put down in a brief novella called the Mystic and the Blossoms. I do believe the novella has a message of love and beauty for every village especially if it is situated in the poorer and developing parts of our world. The novella is available both  in print and electronic versions that can be downloaded in minutes, for example here:


This little book is a must read for any person involved in development of rural areas and villages or just about anyone who just loves to read a good story.

About valley of flowers here:
Valley of Flowers

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