The Vast Ocean of Love
Beginning with the love of a mother, humans experience love of other humans for brief or long periods through life in various forms. It is rare for human love to last for an entire life time though. For those who believe in God, it is only His love that is everlasting.

What about those who do not believe in God. His love nevertheless flows for them although they miss the full experience and benefit of it. If you ask them what created this vast and wonderful universe of which we all are a small part, they would say, if they had some scientific knowledge, that it was fundamental laws - laws such as the law of gravity which resulted in this universe. One may ask them then who created those laws and perhaps they would say nothing. That is it dear friend, this vast infinite Nothing that created this universe, planets, stars and galaxies and every cell of your body and all other life besides. If it was powerful enough to create it all, one needs no power greater than that to love and be loved by; everything else of this world that we might care for is negligible in front of this Infinite Force.

This vast incomprehensible Infinite also created the emotion of love that you have experienced at times in a human relationship. It was but a drop of this vast infinite ocean of love yet it felt so wonderful. Imagine how much more wonderful It all is. That is your God then in which you can believe as surely as you did in your love. One cannot see it but one can sense it in one’s heart. When you still your thoughts and your body and close your eyes you can find it dwelling in your heart. That is where you shall find God, not in a temple or anywhere else far away, it shall whisper to you, I am here for you and shall always be there for you and all shall be well.


Vinod Khurana said…
Lovely write up Dear Ashok ji:

Infinite yet Nothing
all that exists
are His playthings
which partake of His Love
and hence they love
and are loving.
Is love something
NO! it can't be
if it's pure and selfless
cuz His Love is Nothing.
Acknowledge it or not
He loves them all
those who know
and who know Him not
both are His children
and He forgives them all!

with regards/ Vinod

Ashok said…
Lovely poem Vinod re-clarifying the idea in this note. Thanks for adding value to this brief note with such a lovely poem. Do keep visiting the blog often and whenever you can comment that is always appreciated.

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