Green Life

Golu (Naynesh) Age 7 in the Garden, may God bless him

Recently I read a profound tweet which said a life is successful if it puts more into the world than it takes out of it. While one finds humans of all kinds, it is among trees and plant life even grasses that one finds lives that give much more than they take from the world. No wonder, they live in peace and happiness from all accounts that a mystic can sense since such things are beyond measurement by science. This happiness is shared with other life forms when they enter green surroundings. One of the greatest pleasures available to humans in life is spending time with the green side of life. For those of us who live mostly in urban areas, some of this love can be experienced even in a small garden, flower pots and visits to the countryside.A human being can return much to earth and become carbon neutral as well if he or she plants trees as often as they can in their adult years at home, office and countryside.

While a human may not get much opportunity to contribute a lot to the world, they nevertheless contribute if they have raised children that do so.  It is nice for parents and grandparents to inculcate a love of nature in children when they are young for life long happiness. My grandson Golu lives mostly in a big city but in his holidays he plays in the garden and I encourage that in order to inculcate this love. There are pictures of him in older posts when he was younger. He turned seven this week and this a photo just snapped while he was trying to grow some new flowers in a barren corner of the garden is posted on top.

An indoor pic of Golu and his dad Shyamu


Rebb said…
Hi Ashok, Happy New Year,

I was drawn to your post by the beautiful photo of Golu. His smile radiates with the positive, carefree energy that a child holds. He has grown so big.

All the best to you and family.

: )
Ashok said…
Thank you Rebb and wish you and yours a very happy new year. Yes it is amazing how fast time flies and how big Golu has grown with the grace of the Lord. Nice to hear from you after a bit of a gap. Please do visit from time to time.

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