Why some war veterans suffer from PTSD

War and Veterans

This author is from a largely military family and knows that some of the happiest and jolliest of humans in society are war veterans. That has been the experience of many other persons in many countries of the world and even now India and Europe has many happily retired war veterans who live on a comfortable pension and are invited by the Queen for a luncheon and a jolly get together every now and then.

But what is this we are hearing now? War Veterans of America suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? They say the bombs and gore of war did it. But why did it not happen elsewhere and before?

There is a simple explanation; many of earlier wars were fought for self defense and a righteous cause. Such wars fill the heart of war veterans with pride and replace the sound of bombs with that of a celebration with loud fire crackers. The blood of the war fields transforms in the mind to that of evil vanquished. However when the cause of war is for profit or self justifications, the cries of innocent orphaned, maimed and dead children fill the sub conscious with a horrible trauma. It is true that leaders give fine sounding justifications for any war but while lies may reach the mind, truth reaches the sub-conscious and the heart and that is the source from which PTSD arises. The profits of blood can never bring peace over the long term either to the war mongers or those who assisted in the task but while the bottomless pit awaits those feasting on the profits of blood those pushed into it with lies or force may escape the pit with right effort.

Buddhism spread in the world because of the efforts of the ancient Emperor Ashoka. He too was once deeply troubled by such a trauma after a war fought to expand his kingdom. He was so troubled thereafter that he renounced violence and became an ardent disciple of Buddha. He went on to become the greatest of Emperor of Asia and was responsible for spreading the message of Buddha throughout the then civilized world of some 2500 years ago. Thus he found much peace and escape from any trauma that his earlier wars had caused him.

Modern war veterans too can find similar peace with the right effort but most likely not with a prescription medicine that might give some fitful sleep or hasten one to the grave.

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