Village of Joy solves homelessness and unemployment issues

Earlier posts in this blog and a companion one mentioned that with reducing manufacturing jobs in the developed world, many jobs could be created by a return back to the land. A postmodern concept was described so that farm lands are in narrow strips along a main road so that a farming rural area can enjoy the advantages of living in a town or city simultaneously. The configuration ends up with a town in front of the home and a rural farming area at the back. A village designed on this concept is described here

Another post in this blog has described a humane and economical shelter for the homeless called HISA that has semi dormitory style accommodation and a free kitchen. It is described here

A condition for getting accommodation in a HISA was suggested that all residents shall submit fifty percent of their incomes if any from part time work, pensions etc. to the center as long as they live in a HISA. Now if HISA centers are set next the post modern village, residents of a HISA would be able to find some work not just inside the center but on the farmlands that would look for part time seasonal labor from time to time.

Thus combining a HISA and a postmodern village is an excellent solution that kills two birds with one stone – unemployment and homelessness. It has been named the village of joy here (Villoj – VILL O  J) here for easy reference. The country most in need of creating a Villoj and most suitable for it is USA. If the costs and savings of creating a Villoj are calculated it will be found that it is a cost saving project not a costly one that will greatly aid the economy and quality of life in any country on earth that has farming land available for the project.

Schematic plan for a Villoj, Village of Joy


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