The God Matrix

The God Matrix
Some believe ardently in God, others do not believe and there are those who are unsure or too busy at the moment to bother about the question just now.

Each human has his or her own understanding of what God means and therefore a detailed discussion must begin with clarifying what one means by God, nevertheless when speaking of God all understand it as a higher Almighty power that has huge, even infinite powers to influence our lives, those of others as well as all large or small events in the universe.

Without discussing the question of existence of God, without agreeing or disagreeing with those who believe or do not believe, let us consider where our position lands us. It is simple logic that even a child can understand and it is summarized in the table. The point the table illustrates is that even if one does not know yet if God exists or not and one has no sure proof of it either way, it is a beneficial position to believe in God because then one would only gain if He exist (He used for convenience of language) and nothing to lose. On the other hand not believing in Him would lead to loss if He exists while one shall gain nothing if he does not exist.

Those who have accepted God and come to know of Him through their heart find Him to be an ocean of love, peace and security and find that it is He who cares for them and protects them at all times through their life journey fraught with numerous dangers and risks at every turn.

On Religion

Whenever talking of God, the mind of humans jumps to religion. It is natural because God is the central subject of most religions, not all though. Buddhists do without that subject.

No particular religion has ownership or monopoly on God. Different religions are something humans have made and as anything human, will have small or huge defects and approximations. Even language is an approximate thing, too limited with its finite words to explain infinity. He has to be understood from the Heart, words at best being hints to this understanding.

God that we are talking of pertains to the Universe as a whole and is much bigger than any one religion on Earth. Therefore, let us keep out of religious debates and beliefs when choosing whether to believe in God or not. It is a different matter that some may choose or reject a religion for any numbers of reasons. For most humans the choice is simply what the religion of their dad, and his of his dad before that and so on and only few humans get around to choosing or rejecting a religion.

Many say this or that religion or all religion is bull shit, it has exploited humans, spread evil and wars and some of the worst humans are those who claim to be religious. I do agree with some of what such people say as regards religion and some of its followers but the topic here is God and not religion. That is a different much larger topic. Here we are dealing with a much simpler briefer one.

About God

Those who believe in God would naturally like to know more about him. Some think of him as a kindly old gentleman with a long white beard who sits on a throne, surrounded by angels singing a pretty song, in a place called heaven. Others think of Him as an Infinite formless power that runs through the Universe. Yet there are also some who have come to an understanding that every thing including the entire universe, everything within it, every star, mountain and lake, every living thing is a part of God. They say,
There is nothing but God

God is everywhere

We are all part of God

I am inside God

God is inside me
All of these statements are true when one regards all of the Universe and everything beyond if any, seen and unseen, as God

Powers of God

God as the Supreme Almighty has power over everything in the universe from the smallest things like atoms, parts of an atom, viruses to the largest stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies and even the universe as a whole, to create more or destroy all of it even. He has the ultimate power to interact with the universe as a whole as well as the power to interact and influence each animate and inanimate object within it, even the tiniest virus or the largest of life forms.

On the fear of evil deeds

A few avoid God even though they think He exists because they think He punishes for many thing he regards as evil such as greed, lusting around etc. However that is being childish because if He does exist it is not that He would not know about it and if he deems fit to punish for those things he is more likely to punish those who deny him while being gentler on his followers and giving them a chance to reform through their experiences and His help. On the other hand, believers do not fear him for they regard him as all Love. They ask for forgiveness when they get tempted to stray from what they feel He would regard as a poor thing, as all humans do from time to time, even saints and gods,  while seeking His help to stay on paths leading to peace, joy and happiness.

On gods, angels, saints and other sacred things

What about the many gods, saints and sacred things that people worship? If God is everything they are all parts of him. A Human unable to understand God directly may learn about Him through any of them, indeed even through trees and leaves, sacred mountains and lakes, for they are all parts of Him. It is a perfectly good thing to do provided one has not been interrupted by a fraud out to suck blood, wealth and freedom of the gullible and as long as one realizes that they are all a part of the Supreme Infinite Lord much bigger than any of His parts.

When one finds a god, angel or saint who is worthy in God’s eye, it is good to love, respect and worship him or her, one may even develop an especially loving relationship with some,  but not in way that give them precedence over the Almighty, for they are only a means of divine assistance and companionship through life, a means to communicate, focus or relate to God but not God. They are all children and creations of God just as you or this author is, only closer to him because of their devotion, knowledge or position in our Infinite universe of which we all are a part..


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