Gaia Consciousness Cares for You

A Photo snapped this morning in the garden
Just as our bodies are made up of bits of matter from the Universe or in particular from bits of Mother Earth, Our consciousness too is made up of a bit of the infinite consciousness of the Universe. Mystics believe that we are not so special that it is just we humans that have a body, consciousness and intelligence but the Universe as a whole has an one too, an infinite one, ours just being a very tiny part of it.

The consciousness of Mother Earth, a part of Universal consciousness, is known as Gaia Consciousness because the Greeks personified her as the Goddess Gaia whereas in other parts of the world others personified her in numerous other diverse forms. All recognized her as a Mother for Earth is the mother of all life that dwells upon it. She prepares food for all her children and also the air they breathe every moment of their lives with the help of Sunshine and other things Father Universe brings from afar.

Mother Earth loves her children dearly and although we rarely sense her except those who commune with Nature from time to time or the mystics who commune with the Universe as a whole, she keeps a watch on all her off-springs. Humans, with their enhanced intelligence as compared to other life on the planet, have the capacity to come to a closer understanding of Mother Earth than lower animals or conversely, grow further away from her and deny her even if they so choose. Animals on the other hand remain close to her and depend more on her. They do not have the capacity or intelligence to grow their food, build their own homes or prepare their own medicines etc. and hence have to depend more on Mother Earth. Humans, on the other hand, have the intelligence and abilities to grow food, build fine dwellings filled with all manner of comforts but they also have the capacity to destroy them. Thus, when greed and selfishness increases among humans, many are driven out of their homes as homeless persons or across the world as refugees. At such times, the life and times of animals, birds and insects becomes better off than humans. Indeed the present times are one such for large cross sections of humanity.

This author loves nature and in his home is a crowded garden where all manners of herbs, trees, flowers and weeds come up. Many of the trees have come up on their own at the exact same spot this author wished because mother Earth with the help of some birds planted them. Some years ago, a weed began to come up profusely in the garden but not knowing what it was I pulled it out often. At the back of my mind was the belief that Mother Earth is planting this for a purpose and it was not without sadness that I pulled them out. Some months ago I began to search the internet for pictures of garden weeds and lo and behold, I discovered that this weed was called Phyllanthus and it is a highly useful medicinal plant. There is a whole post on it here therefore we shall not go into that again but rather what happened after that.

Some years ago I had noticed that my urine does not flow with the same force and as freely as it used to but rather it seemed there was some blockage. I worried that it might not be an enlarged prostate or any number of other things that can cause this but had let it go for years but it was getting worse with time. However, after I learned about Phyllanthus and that it can help, a couple of months ago, I began consuming a tea made from it and within days that condition cleared and there is the same loud buzz in the toilet again that I had almost forgotten about and once more I can piss away to glory when the need arises: - ). I would have continued its use but then discovered that it has begun disappearing from the garden on its own. I took this as a sign that the need for the medicine has expired and there is no more need for it anymore, at least presently. While all this would sound magical and a fairy tale to most, such experiences are common when one steps out of the mold and embraces the love of nature and Universe that is all around us.

Hail Mother Earth, Praise Father Universe. For they are one even as we are one with them once we come out of the prison of our thoughts and desires, and do express your love for Mother Earth that cared for you every instant of your life by bringing her a gift today, perhaps planting a tree, she loves them, they are her adornments and a lot more trees and forests will help her improve it for all life not COP21 of Paris. Trees and the green side of life is where all the carbon in the atmosphere came from and Mother Earth shall not rest until it returns to them, even if she has to harden her heart, and remove some of her children from her bosom for a while if that becomes unavoidable, those who do not assist in the task, those who cut down trees for their needs and do not plant more to replace them despite the fact that Father Universe and Mother Earth gave them the hands and strength for it. Humans do not own the planet in Her eyes, trees have as much right to it, and they proliferate when the earth is packed with much more carbon in the air than now. In fact their right precedes because they preceded all life on land so as to be able to prepare the food for them in their kitchen before animals and humans arrived.

Thus spoke the mystic, now hear the same from the mouth of a scientist:


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