Leaving Insurmountable Problems to the Lord

 “If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”
Meister Eckhart

While we need to thank the Almighty God for everything he grants without asking as often as we can, every now and then we run into problems in life for which there seems to be no easy solution even though we may do all the right things to overcome them. The problems could be huge ones as those in Syria now or little ones that are less serious but nevertheless serve to disrupt our peace of mind.

At such moments, those who believe in the Lord can do something. They can pray to God and tell Him about the problem, request his help, leaving it to Him to do what is best. He surely shall. It may not be the same solution that we had wished for but it would be the right thing, best for all concerned. One must have faith in that solution and abide by it and it shall lead to peace with the grace of the Lord. One does not have to deal with everything oneself. One has a loving Father up there, and one can always run to Him for help just as a child does to a loving father or mother on earth.

At the end of it all, it is important to remember that because our current life is temporary, all problems we encounter in life are temporary too as are the pleasures we enjoy. When we leave this life, all of it would come to an end. All we shall carry with us is our souls, the record of our deeds, our habits and knowledge that we gained in this episode of life; that is something in our hands for us to improve and increase while we are around. That is what shall make this life a precious gift for us, for as the saint Kabir said in a Hindi couplet,


Raat Gavaii soy ke, Diwas gawayo khaye
Hira Janam anmol tha, kodi badle jay


The night went in sleeping, the day in pursuit of pleasures and eating
It was a priceless diamond this life, but it is turning into a pebble of little value


Yeh  Ausar chetyo nahi, pasu jyon pali deh
Ram naam jaanyo nahi, ant pade mukh Kheh


You did not appreciate this opportunity, regarding your body similar to animals
You did not get to know the Lord, and finally ended up with your face in mud


I wrote this post after a prayer for a nuisance that had arisen in my neighborhood. A similar nuisance had arisen in the past and I had fretted over it for days and not prayed. This time I did and by morning the problem had disappeared. It required me to make a little effort too, that the Lord guided me in my heart to do and I did that as well.


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