Tuesday, November 3, 2015

We make our world


Franz-Senn-Hütte, Stubai Alps - Tirol Photo by Kogo via Wikimedia Commons
Did you ever wonder how you got where you are right now? Five causes contribute to the situation each and every human is in at this very moment of their lives as they did for moments that have gone by and will be for moments that are yet to come.

These five causes are - (1) conditions we inherit at birth, (2) what we choose to pursue in life, (3) what we avoid, (4) external circumstances that impinge on our lives from microbes, man, animals, nature and the universe; (The tiniest, microbes, and the largest being the most powerful of influences and all just part of the largest, the universe, that sends forth sunshine for us daily) and lastly (5) our own thoughts, actions and behavior.

While three of these causes emerge from us and we have  some control over, two of them – our conditions at birth and external circumstances - are not in our control. However, some including this author believe that the universe is run by a Supreme and Infinite Intelligence. He controls these other two happenings for each one of us, dishing out to us, exactly what we deserve, our lives are not tossed around like random motion of the waves or gusts of breeze. The conditions at birth are a result of our doings in previous lives when we had different bodies but our soul was the same. The soul never dies  and is never born. It goes on and on forever. The body is just its clothing. The soul continues either as an individual soul or as part of the Universal Soul from which it arose in the first place. In other words:

We make our world

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