Consulting a Spiritual Mentor is so much better

Illustration in Hans Andersen's fairy tales
While I do consult A Spiritual Guru, Himalayan spiritual friends and mentors from time to time for major life decisions, one  may easily  do that with lesser matters too once one is in communication. Today I consulted for the top description line of this blog - font, color, wording etc. and a change was suggested to a more informal font and a bright yellow color. The earlier one was a bit too stiff and formal, that this blog is not. It seems so much better now. Dear readers it is a pleasure if you browse this blog and if you post a comment and query on any thing, even much older articles, I shall respond at the first available opportunity.  Today is first October and in the northern hemisphere we step into months of fall and winter. Best wishes to all for the months ahead.

Update : A new recent blog by the author is devoted exclusively to spirituality at

Illustration in Hans Andersen's fairy tales (1913) London: Constable.


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