Peace, War and Refugees

How to make peace, how to make war

While many horrific wars continue in many parts of the world and humans are forced to abandon their homes and flee for their lives, the countries that contributed to creating wars often withdraw from helping out distressed refugees. Just as the character of a human is revealed in times of stress and difficulty, so is the character of nations.

Anyone with his own children knows how stressful it is to walk even a mile with a babe in arms or a toddler holding a finger but the world now witnesses thousands fleeing hundreds of mile in this very situation. While they are welcomed in some countries, they witness harsh cruel behavior in others, not sympathy and help. It is even more difficult for an old or handicapped person to walk across to the corner store as every old person knows and here we see some forced to walk hundreds of mile. How upset all of us get when a prized personal possession in our homes gets damaged or lost and here we see millions of humans forced to flee leaving everything behind, all they cherished, because of a war they did not create.

While weapons may be made for self defense or righteous use, when it becomes a profitable industry, it is in the interest of profits to create and encourage wars rather than try and avoid them; and to turn a blind eye when these weapons are used for crimes against humanity. The world would be so much nicer if major weapon making countries profited from development technology rather than destruction technology, love not war, laughter of children, not frightful screams of horror and pain

"I understand Europe well, because I am the great-grand-mother of all of the ruling families of Europe. When they will not separate families with children from a group of refugees as described here,  for kinder treatment, the idea is to trouble all, even already much troubled sweet children" from a figment of psychic reflection


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