Kittens in the Backyard - Billi and Tilli

Billi and Tilli the kittens, May the Lord keep them from harm

A brown cat from the neighborhood used to come in and ask for a little food from me at times. Two months ago she gave birth to two kittens in the backyard. She protected them fiercely in the first month and then one day she just disappeared never to return.Perhaps she shall come back one day and be happy to find her kittens in good shape, or perhaps her soul watches from heaven, may it rest in peace. The kittens howled for a day and then I started feeding them a little milk and a slice of bread, twice a day. they quite seem to love the bread but also catch other creatures of the garden now. Today morning I got up late and they had caught a bird for breakfast. The other birds in the garden were howling and I felt sad but guess these are the ways of the animal kingdom, and how can we blame cats for feasting on birds when even many humans who could manage otherwise also do.

I do not know much about cats so I do not let them in the house much, but there are some out houses and spaces where they live. I have given them an old soft gray trouser to sleep on and they just love it. They live in the backyard and have been given names, Billi and Tilli. Just took this picture of them. Billi has a black dot on the nose. I have made this post on them to add more about there antics with time and to preserve the picture of these new lovely inhabitants of the garden.

One day last week, I found that the cats had disappeared. I looked in all their usual hide outs but could not find them and thought they would return by evening. However, when they did not return even in the evening or next morning at their meal times, it got me really worried and left me with a feeling of loss. The soul of all life is connected and we suffer a loss when a part that is close to us is removed. I prayed for their safety. However later next day when I opened a door to a staircase that leads to the first floor, I found them both there, sitting in fear and very hungry. They were soon given a nice meal and sent to their bed room in the back yard.

What had happened is that there are two bed rooms on the first floor of my home that are used by children and guests when they visit. At other times, that wing of the home is kept locked by a door that separates it to minimize cleaning chores. Last week the TV suddenly stopped working one late night. I let it go then but next day I asked a driver, who visits whenever I have to go somewhere in the city because I do not drive myself anymore, to help bring down another TV set from an upstairs bedroom while the first one is sent for repairs. The driver has been with me for 15 years now and is almost a member of the family. In the process the doors of the home and upstairs had been opened. Unseen Tilly and Billy had sneaked upstairs. They are indeed very naughty now. There they had got locked in and then sensing they had done something wrong just hid there in fear.

Billi enjoying supper while Tilli peeps shyly from behind


Vinod Khurana said…
Lovely kitten,lovely writeup.This shows that you feel so much for them as one feels for one's close ones.In fact all life is one family but some members are more sensitive than others, and they evolve more and faster spiritually.
with regards/Vinod
Ashok said…
Thanks Vinod. yes they are a part of the family now.

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