Human Life, briefly described - A Poem

View from the window where this poem was composed

Story of a human life
In brief
Father Universe
Mother Earth
Sent forth to dwell
In this world
For a while

With a designated
Quality of life
Two boxes of biscuits
One filled with joy
Another with sorrow
One sweet
Another salty

In the years
Up to twenty
One lives
The quality of life
That was chosen

From twenty to sixty
A human may strive
To create for a while
What pleases him or her

From sixty to eighty
They return to that
Which was chosen and defined
From the start
Albeit tempered
By what they had sought
In the years that intervened

A human stays
Beyond eighty
In this life
If they have been slow to exhaust’
What had been packed for them
In the box of joy
In the box of sorrow

When it comes time
To bid goodbye
When one prepares
The grade card
The Universe shall review
For your boxes to renew
When a human departs
Was there something of value
In a life so lived

But dear friend
when you find a child in need
and give him a feed
or a barren piece of land
to plant a tree
little things like that
as you journey fourth
shall surely make your journey
worth your while

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Vinod Khurana said…
Wonderful poem, powerful message,deep wisdom.

Help a child
plant a tree
when they grow up
and do remember
where they reached
'cause help was at hand
and hands soil deep!

With love&regards
Ashok said…
Thank you Vinod and thanks for contributing more lovely words to add to the message.

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