Billionaire’s lament – A Poem

The Billionaire upon making his first billion
Threw a party for friends at his mansion
A mansion he purchased for ten million
The band was good and the host handsome
But in his heart joy was missing
So he dragged an old wise friend
To a quiet shaded corner
In the garden beside the pond
I have six mansions, two private planes
A luxury liner with hostesses ever so blonde
Ever ready to give a massage
With breasts so large
He made a gesture with his hands to show

Yet in my heart there is much pain
A drink makes it better for a while
But the morning after is ever so vile
Has all this been in vain?
Said the friend, in mystic Himalayas
Live sages holding the keys to ooh la las
He must visit the location
Whenever it is time for a Vacation

To the Himalayas by plane, by train
Followed by a drive up a narrow lane
a day worth of walk
up a treacherous path
The billionaire made it to a cave
To visit a sage profound
Who perchance never had a shave
He was fully nude
So were others all around
But he didn't look silly
Because a long beard hid his willy
LOL that brought a laugh to your Chin
For that is where my message must begin

The sage said, my son
You are very welcome
Happiness he said
In laughter, in beauty is found
In love and sunshine
In the song of birds
In green valleys studded with lakes
Not in fancy motor cars
But in nights spangled with stars
In adding joy to life of little angels
The hungry man on the street
And a child in need
In fresh air and songs
In a simple meal
Made with care and zeal
Not made by a chef so grand
But just a smile, a loving hand

One in life must necessarily choose
Wealth or happiness as  prime pursuit
Pursue success and happiness recedes
Success shall follow when happiness precedes
He had erred in pursuit of wealth
Trading favors in deals of stealth
Had gone too far beyond the gate
Where happiness lies ever in wait

An image of a nude sage with long beard and a rich man here:

About Himalayan sages who wear nothing more than the sky in the author's novel:

Text on a photo snapped in backyard of author's home


Vinod Khurana said…
A very lovely poem,dear Ashok ji. Wealth and happiness go separate ways. But a penniless is not happy nor a billionaire. The golden mean,some wealth and the rest quest,keep one happy all the way.
with warm regards
Ashok said…
hank you Vinod, yes both are needed but one has to choose one as the prime pursuit. When happiness is chosen wealth that is necessary in keeping with one's destiny and personality follows, but when wealth becomes top priority happiness tends to recede, such is my observation and experience.
Sea Dimon said…
Wealth becomes a time consuming vice and one becomes a slave to its grip.
Ashok said…
So true, Sea Dimon and it seems that for most that grip vanishes only in the grave.

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