When the trees came to my aid

You might recall from some fairy tales including the epic- Lord of the Rings – how trees become life like and come to the aid of the hero at a moment of need. Fairy tales are fantasies but born out of human consciousness, they symbolize hidden truths. I might just mention how in my life, trees came to my aid at a dire moment of need too.

For over seven years beginning sometime perhaps (did not keep an exact record of dates) in 2004 and going on in to 2012, I suffered from fatigue and shortness of breath on slight exertion. My daughter is an internal medicine specialist and she as well as another doctor in my neighborhood conducted thorough medical examinations but could not find any real cause for the same. I am open to non-invasive diagnosis but averse to use of modern chemical medicines except in emergencies, preferring natural methods for chronic conditions. Personally I felt the cause might be related to an episode of angina I had suffered earlier and the after effects of that and/or some toxic food I may have consumed inadvertently during my travels in India where standards of food and water purity are lower than in developed countries. The chronic fatigue remained, that is until a couple of years ago the trees came to my aid. Let me explain.

A regular reader of this blog would be familiar with my love for trees and nature and that love is selfless for just the joy of it, not really expecting anything much in return except green surroundings where I live and surprisingly many trees have come up on their own around my home, some of the exact type and in the exact place I wished for. My love for trees led me to study the medicinal effects of various trees and some of them, Cinnamon, Almonds, Harad, Amla, Palash, Ahwagandha, (a small tree or bush) have become a regular part of the tonics I consume in my tea, coffee or water. They have been described in earlier posts of this blog and one or more of these, cannot be sure which, has more or less completely knocked chronic fatigue as well as shortness of breath out of my system, Praise the Lord and the Trees.

Today is Buddha Purnima, a special day in the year to celebrate for all who love Buddha. He advocated love and compassion for all life. My further studies have revealed that all life, plants as well as animals are born of the same universal gene pool and they all share not just genes but also the same universal consciousness.  A different blog explains how nature creates different life forms out of these genes in small evolutionary steps. It is natural then that we should be just as kind to other life forms as we are to ourselves. A full understanding and practice of that is the ultimate goal of all religions, science and yoga. May the Love and non-violence that Buddha taught spread through all, charging all life with love, peace and joy.


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It is a pleasure to read your blog and get all this useful information. You are really doing a great service to the world. Thanks.
Ashok said…
Thank you Colonel Kushwaha. Your comment is very encouraging.

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