Universe the Father, Earth the Mother

Photo snapped from road to Hairdakhan in Nainital District of Himalayas

If you reflect carefully you would realize that in the ultimate analysis the Universe is the father of all life and Earth the mother.

While mother feeds us, father works at a distance to bring in the means to get the food. The Sun a visible part of the universe provides the means for earth to produce that food, oxygen and water and everything else besides. Father built the home; the universe built our planet, the stars and the moon. Mother decorated it. The Earth did with pretty trees, rivers, mountains and flowers; and what wonderful delicacies she prepares in her kitchen for humans and animals, on plants and trees, with such a wide variety to choose from.

When we were young we messed up the home and mother fixed it. We played and never bothered much about mother and father. Have we grown up yet? If we have, it is time to bring them some gifts and help in cleaning up the home. Have you planted a food or flower tree recently as a gift for mother Earth? She needs a new dress and would look pretty in that for sure and it would be so much easier for her to provide for your siblings, the birds, with the fruit,

And will you bring a gift for father too, by going out and feeding that hungry man or child on the street, but do take care Father and Mother have an enemy too, the evil being, the evil side of the universe some call Satan and others Shaitan. His minions are all over the place and would like to imprison those who take a gift for Mother or Father. They hate it when food, medical or other care is provided to those most in need and when it comes to the most vulnerable of humans- children- they would rather imprison those that arrive in distress fleeing gruesome violence or throw them back into the jaws of death.

The evil ones would do anything for self interest, a desired end but those in love with Mother and Father would do anything to stick to the right thing, the right means, whatever be the end or consequences and the music of the spheres is sweet, heard only by those attempting to live in the bosom of love and goodness, in close company of Mother or Father or the One, for Mother and father are one, two faces of the Infinite, the universe and beyond we all are a part of.


Rebb said…
I really like the photo, Ashok. It's peaceful.
Ashok said…
Thanks Rebb I snapped that in Himalayan foothills in 2009 0r 2010. Good to hear from you.

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