Open Letter to Bernie Sanders from Mystic Himalayas

Nanda devi and Sunanda Devi peaks of Himalayas. The identification of Nanda Devi East as Sunanda Devi in the modern era was done by the present author some years ago.
While a human is an organic whole, one may try to understand a human by classifying his abilities in three parts – Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual. While we can understand what physical and intellectual abilities mean, the spiritual side is less understood for there is a hidden or mystical dimension to it.

When Soma an ancient drink of the gods, was still amongst the ancient Himalayan dwellers, Soma drinkers rose up with a roar and a battle cry to defeat minions of the devil that have always lurked amongst mankind, at times in the shadows and at times leading from the front, so that things like military style assault weapons are not handed to all and sundry for killing each other,  even those wonky in their heads to blast the shits out of fellow humans to kingdom come, just for the fun of it, a background check would just slow down sales and spoil the profits; so that manufacturers of weapons can laugh all the way to the bank or their mansions, so that wealth is made not to ease the suffering of  fellow humans but to increase inequality and to drive them to the street, but the devil is hardly satisfied, he shall make  it illegal to show compassion and feed the hungry.

Dear Bernie Sanders, are you listening, many have seen a hope of change through you ? 

So that military style assault weapons are taken away from hands they do not belong to, of the law keepers and the civilian citizens, and given where they belong, to the military,  so that your fellow citizens are able to offer a piece of bread and a little cheese to that poor old lady down the corner, starving for over a week now, without being caught and put in prison for it  by those well fed on steaks on wine out of money collected by the taxes from those struggling with their bills, 
And then she wipeth her mouth by the back of her hand and says if she can't find bread why can't that old hag with a bag have cake instead, mind you she has an uncanny resemblance to my dear departed mom, but what do I care, says she, taking another swig of the wine with a delicate french aroma.
Are you going to say it is OK that tens of thousands more of kids be mutilated in Gaza and their homes blown to smithereens,  because it is by our friends, as perhaps someone said, and send over a new consignment of weapons for more of the same, because some of them are your brothers too?

Dear Bernie, would you be able to restore the values that once helped make America the greatest of nations on Earth, values that have been disappearing with increasing speed over the last thirty years (see here), driving the wealth of the nation in fewer and fewer hands and setting similar examples for the rest of the world as the world's leading economy, for just as men follow the examples of leaders, nations follow the examples of leading nations in all things, whether they be good or whether they be bad.

Are you going to change things so that your fellow brothers can return to their homes from street homeless, so that infants, if any, in cold damp cells on the southern borders are freed to sunshine and fresh air, and a pair of new shoes too, the old ones are torn and their feet are bleeding, and a teddy bear for the sweet little five year old girl because she is still crying in a corner of that damp cell, because she lost her mama and was returned from the bus that tried to take her to a facility in California, (see here)

because men gathered on the highway outside the village in California to stop their bus from proceeding onwards to a facility, to shake their fists in anger, wave flags furiously and shout to her, go back, go back you little bitch,  while the little girl screamed in fright, screaming momma, momma, as huge tears rolled down her cheeks; and then seems the Mayor came out to say a lie to all and TV that she has Ebola and TB;

Did it anger the Lord, even as it did in Sodom and Gomorrah once for desecrating other angels in other ways, so that a drought and fires swept over the surrounding lands and a dark poison over the oceans, for it is in these sweet children that the Lord and his angels traverse the earth.

It is then the dogwood shall be recognized as god wood, that came to live so freely amongst the people and no longer remain a wood for the dogs, and then shall many rise with a roar, not of assault weapons, not a sound of go back, go back you little bitch, but rather a song of Praise to salute a god of the ancients and everything that stands for love and compassion, and then shall return the green of fields of California and laughter in the almond groves, then shall the forests of California sooth with their shade rather than scorch with fire, and the dolphins shall return to play in the oceans, while in far way Manhattan an unarmed  black youth shall sing on the street freely rather than run away in fear at the sight of a man in uniform for he may be shot at or choked to death, but perchance if it did happen, those who did it shall not be acquitted by a jury ever so Grand .

Best of Luck for the race Bernie, you shall be to America what Jose Mujica was to Uruguay but much more for the world, because what happens in America has a major influence on the world. Best wishes

Update October 31, 2015

This note is from a time Senator Bernie Sanders was an early and unexpected name in the race. A link to of this letter was sent to him and some of his followers too on twitter. Since then he has become a leading candidate in the race for POTUS. He has also taken up the issues raised in this note, for example this one just found


Ashok said…
This letter was sent to Bernie through a twitter link more than a year ago when he was hardly a leading candidate. The author is delighted that he is one now. He has reiterated the issues raised in this note during his campaign and promised to fight them. Today the attention of the author was drawn to the letter again while giving a link to some friends in US.

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