How to Achieve Freedom from Fear on Life Airlines

He was shocked to see that on being squeezed, the live black birds she had enjoyed for breakfast escaped from her, LOL
One of the unpleasant things a human has to contend with in life is something called fear. All humans suffer from it in varying degrees. At the extreme end are the paranoid, those who see a demon lurking behind every shadow, or consider every person they spot as someone stalking them and out to do grave harm the first chance they get. These are the paranoid few who need treatment through spiritual, herbal or medical means.

The ordinary human, although not paranoid, also faces assorted fears from time to time. There is the fear that the TV or Fridge would blow up or worse the economy would and all their savings would be wiped away in an instant. If that did not happen they may soon catch cancer from the genetically modified vegetables they have been eating and the savings would be wiped out in medical bills, unless they picked up the Ebola virus or another dastardly one from the air and then their saving would not be needed anyway. Then again one may not catch any of these things, very few do, but instead suffer a flood, earthquake, lightening strike, a forest fire, nuclear war, global warming or perhaps even all these together at one and the same time as happens in an apocalypse; and before that came they might just get mugged on the street or a guy gone crazy in his head would barge in with an assault weapon and start spraying bullets. It is so easy in America, anyone can get a weapon like that and it is so easy to go wonky in one's head, what with prospective Presidents being able to see Russia from across their kitchen windows, LOL. As regards the rest of the world there is enough illegal corruption around so that the more dangerous a person is the easier it is to get one such weapon.

While all of the horrible things mentioned in the last paragraph may not happen, an illegal thing we did years ago may get discovered and we might just get locked up for it for the rest of our lives, or, as happens at times we shall be falsely implicated for that illegal thing we did not do and we might just get locked up for it for the rest of our lives.

Given so many possible fears it is remarkable that many humans get to laugh often and dance at a party; yet there is a degree of fear that almost all have to contend with except for a few hours when we have a couple of drinks and feel like a tiger, a sense of stupid security provided by the intoxication; or indeed even for a few years when the intoxication is of new found wealth or power and when we feel for a time that none in the world can harm us now. But this latter intoxication is also not sustainable; it comes crashing down the moment one realizes that the Ebola and any number of his other virus friends never went to school and neither know how to read your bank accounts nor know that they should be afraid of the dreadful and formidable looking security guards.

Bundi Beach Australia, from:

While all of the things mentioned may not happen at all, one very fearful thing shall happen to all – death but as regards this last one we can safely bury our head in the sand and pretend we are an ostrich, until Mr. Death comes and kicks us in the butt. See how very tempting that is from the photo :)

Then there are the pseudo mystics, those who make money out of it, who provide a crutch – live in the moment, the past is gone and the future may never come, so enjoy the moment. Unfortunately the crutch turns out to be no more than a game because the past and future are very much a part of the natural make up of a human or he would never buy toilet paper, because why worry about the shit of tomorrow.

Then there are a few real mystics, and a few others who have picked up the technique from the mystics who have really overcome fear at least to the extent it is humanly possible. Fear is no more a significant issue in their lives. How do they do it? There are two or three things that make it happen for a mystic. First is a belief that there is God who is in full control of everything that happens in the universe and he would ensure that no unnecessary or uncalled for harm would come their way. The second is a belief that the body is just a garment for their real self and it is good to change it every now and then for a nice new suit so that there is nothing more to fear in death than in dressing up for a party. Your new Momma will provide you with cute little baby clothes, all decked up in pretty frills and bows to begin with.

The fears of such mystics then change to no more than concerns. There might be a concern for a loved one dependent on them were they to leave unexpectedly, or that the journey into a new life would be in a horrible painful airlines rather than a quick and nice one. It is no more than a concern though because the button for parachuting out of the flight always remains in their hands. It is a breeze for a Himalayan Mystic to stop breathing at will, that is one of the exercises they learn, control of breathing and the ability to stop it if they so wish, perchance Dick decided to water board them in a torture chamber.

May you too dear reader, overcome any unnecessary fear that you may have in life so that your journey and those of your loved ones is a pleasant experience. You may now unfasten your seat belts and enjoy on board entertainment, a hostess shall presently bring you a choice selection of drinks with roasted almonds and other snacks.You may skip the live black bird pie if you like, for fear of being eaten alive similarly because that crazy hermit from the Himalayas in the back seat as been muttering all through the flight

As you sow so shall you reap 
keep your life let them also keep
four and twenty black birds baked in a pie
They have as much a right to their life


Ashok said…
I had to edit this one, the first draft, in the pursuit of some ribald humor had become rather gross.
Martin Olson said…
I needed a laugh today. Thank you, Dr. Ashok!
Ashok said…
Thanks Martin. Delighted with your response.
Ashok said…
As mentioned earlier the inspiration for choosing the image and the text for it came from your book -Encyclopaedia of Hell - Thanks for such lovely inspiration Martin :)

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