The Non-Organic Human

Fruit and Vegetable Seller, Louise Moillon, 1631. Musée du Louvre

Vegetables and fruits come from plants that are a complimentary life form. They have genes, chromosomes and blood (chlorophyll) just like us except that at the center of the blood molecules in plants there is a magnesium atom instead of iron and therefore its color is green. Different shades of green in plants are because we see this green blood in combination with other plant matter that differs from plant to plant. 

The Universe created the two different life forms so that they may support each other and prosper together. Our waste including the carbon dioxide we breathe out as well as the other waste we produce daily is fresh food and air for plants. When we pass away, the bodies we leave behind provides more food for plants. Similarly the exhaled waste breath of plants- oxygen is fresh air for us. However while plants satisfy themselves with our waste we go further and kill them too for our food and that is not surprising when we even kill animals for that and in the past in some parts of the world even other humans for food directly, some preferring an arm and others a leg with a barbecue sauce  :). Now it is done indirectly by killing humans to maintain our economic and other interests or slowly by destroying their homes and pushing them out as refugees. After all humans have a mind and it is great for hypocrisy and maintaining a pretense to the background chant of holy, holy, holy. .

Plants excel from animal and humans in other ways too. They satisfy themselves with what comes unasked while doing a service to the planet, animals, birds and insects. On the other hand many a human would rob a bank with a gun or if they are afraid of the law, they may do it with a bonus the first chance they get.

It is only the rare human that will satisfy himself with food from plants without killing them and that kind of food from plants is in great abundance too beginning with food grains that grasses produce far in excess of their seed needs, fruits meant to drop off, excess foliage that sprouts in excess like hair on animals ready for a cut, left over root matter when plants go dead such as onions and potatoes too. There is an older post in this blog about precisely the kind of food that does not employ violence called Lovegan foods (see here)  However most any human will kill a plant with ease with a belief that human life is more precious than that of a vegetable. But wait a minute, even if that were true if one may so assume, humans are not doing that very intelligently, are they?

With the progress of science, many humans have realized that organic fruits and vegetables are healthier and prefer that, especially if they can afford it. Organic fruits and vegetables are those that make use of natural products only for their growth and do not make use of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. So the question that arises is why does a human who eats only organic food because chemicals make vegetables less than healthy makes his own body non-organic by eating a lot of processed food that uses chemical additives and also chemical drugs to ward off disease and chemical vitamins even when there is no dire emergency or a crying need just to add a quick muscle etc. and when a human will not do it on his own, governments may mandate chemical additives to food and vegetables or in schools as done in many countries around the world. Perhaps the philosophical side of Louise Mouillon the artist realized that as early as 1631 suggesting what some humans put in their mouth may be less than elegant.


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