The Cause of Everything

With help of modern electronic media, we may if we wish, receive news from different parts and times of the world. We shall find in different places and times examples of extreme love and compassion, of extreme greed and cruelty, joy and misery, extreme energy and extreme lethargy, progressive places and backward places etc. Individual lives as well as those of entire communities; even nations have displayed these contrasts from the beginning of time.

When intellectuals, experts and thinkers seek to analyze behavior of an individual or a nation, they arrive at reasons or causes for that behavior. However, a deeper analysis indicates that the cause traced is merely a symptom of a deeper cause. For example if we conclude that a human is lethargic because his health is not good we can analyze further to find out why that health is not good and so on. As analysis progresses, every cause traced becomes a symptom of a yet deeper cause so that at the root of it all we arrive at that mysterious mystic source, the Cause of Everything.

Whatever is the state of the world, nation, community, family or individual in the ultimate analysis at the root of it all is the Cause of Everything. One also realizes that one has control and exclusive right over one’s own individual behavior only and not that of others who have an equivalent right for the same. In fact to worry about the behavior of others rather than one’s own is to move away from ones own self and the Cause of Everything into the lap of nothing or the devil. Working with our own self, the world around us changes because we are a part of a whole.

When we work with any one thing or cause in our behavior in order to improve it, we get temporary relief for a few hours as one does with a fever with the help of an aspirin. When we treat the cause of a bacterial fever with an antibiotic we get a more durable cure. When we look into the source of infections, the causes of infection etc. the relief becomes more and more durable and so on. When we understand the Cause of Everything – God – and come close to this Ultimate Source, who approached from different directions is love, truth, beauty, creative energy and so on; those very values are displayed in our own behavior and lives. When nations deserve a leader who understands this then we get progressive nations such as Denmark, Athens, Angkor Vat or Singapore. When nations do not deserve such leaders we get a Syria or Somalia or the most polluted and crime prone capitals of the world.

When this approach is sincere, we live in security and truth of that sincerity and laugh at criticism because of that security and truth. When it is a hypocritical pretense used as a cover or justification for something evil or stupid we are compelled to make use of lies and live in fear and insecurity because of that. Any criticism of our chosen hypocritical path is viewed with extreme insecurity and hostility even violence and the flow of information is suppressed and those who expose punished. At their core, all beings emanate from truth and this truth knows that stuff erected on a foundation of lies is extremely shaky and will fall down with the least exposure. Such hypocritical individuals, communities or nations will forever seek to suppress truth or even the free flow of opinion and information. On the other hand, those standing in buildings built on foundations of truth are secure because lies are for moments and a truth forever. Its occupants either ignore or laugh in amusement at criticism or extend a compassionate hand to those who criticize.

 The source of all life and all beauty is the Cause of Everything. Photo from the Author's garden partly maintained by Hari the aide shown  in the photo.


Well conceptualized and articulated !
Ashok said…
Thanks Ramu. your words are appreciated.

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