Monday, April 20, 2015

Musings of a Mystic - The Lord and His Angels

One teaches by example
Examples never fail to teach
One whose lust rapes a girl
One who hurts another
Sets an example
For same to be done to him

An angel of the Lord
Is one from amongst us
Just one more life
In this universe so very wide
Who loves the Lord so
To serve Him so
That there is nothing to cover
The light that shines forth
With his burdens lifted
Is it a surprise?
If far he flies

One who loves and trusts the Lord
How can the Lord disappoint such a soul?
But one who does not believe
How can the Lord interfere in his goal?
Yet all cry for Him
When difficulties arise
And this perhaps is His reply
Had you called in time
Why would difficulties arrive?

Secrets and deepest intrigues
Some for love some for discord
With much ease He does read
The angels and the Lord
A human judge one may mislead
Not the Lord, beware do heed


Public domain art images, courtesy of Wikipedia commons

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Ashok said...

The harshness of the words that emerged in the verses of this poetry surprised this blogger on later reading, yet they pale in comparison to the harshness that exists in the present day modern world, as hundreds, thousands even millions run away from their homes and countries leaving everything behind, even children often to meet with hostility in their places of arrival just in case they are able to make it alive, even infants as some earlier posts on the border children in this blog described. Yet Love of other humans and love of God who appears as little children and other vulnerable humans on earth is within easy and simple reach of humans if they overcome their lust, greed and damning selfishness along with their stupidity. This blog is full of very many posts about it.