The golden mean, the middle road

The golden mean, the middle road

A yellow Mandevilla creeper on the front boundary of the author's home

So said the prophet,

In all things dear one
The middle road is by far the safest
When your heart is heavy with sorrow
A little of a good wine shall banish it
Too much of it on the other hand
May destroy instead
from words of King Solomon 
and also personal experience
this a friend coveys

A little of good food
And you shall appreciate it
Too much of it
Will lead to sickness and pain
A bit of exercise, will help the muscle tone
Too much of it, and one might break a bone

A little fame and name
Shall honor you
Too much of it
And you shall lose your freedom
To live freely, even to breathe
In mother earth's joyous kingdom

Too little of money
And you shall be deprived of what you need
Varying from situation to situation
Just deprived or utter destitution
Too much of money
It shall be a burden and a frown
Varying from situation to situation
From just difficulties to utter devastation

The Lord when he created man
Gave each one wings
To fly too low over the ocean
and drown
Too high and the sun shall burn them
For in all things dear one
Safest is the middle ground

A happy year to you
A new one is around


Terrific poem ! Great message for the New
Aren't these guys lapping up your Babaji Affair ?
Ashok said…
Thanks a lot Ramu. Appreciate your words.
Ashok said…
Thank you Girish. Appreciate that.
Vinod Khurana said…
A wonderful poem. The middle path
is that of balance amidst the extremes, and also to have a neutral and balanced view.It also brings peace and harmony. What a lovely message or the new year.
Ashok said…
Thanks you dear Vinod. Nice to hear from you about it.
Ashok said…
Ramu, for sure Looks like they are loving it :)
Vinod Khurana said…
Thanks Ashok ji. There are many virtues of middle path. I thought over it a little more:

Middle path

Excess of indulgence
Dearth of necessity
They meet
In pain and misery

The law of nature
Diversity of creation
Balance and harmony
Uphold the universe

Walk the middle path
Unsure you walk
Future so uncertain
Present doesn't last

Take a flight far off
From the middle path
But if you lose the way
All is lost

Slow is the middle path
But its gains last
One may wander at will
But keep a tab on the distance

When one's spine is strong
He stands erect and tall
One may bend a little
But to perform a good task

Wise stick to middle path
No name or fame
But what is true and natural
That guides every step they walk

Every day is new
One stands renewed
Nature is ever unfolding
And so do you when you walk the middle path!
Ashok said…
Thanks for contributing lovely words to support the sentiment Vinod ji.
Vinod Khurana can be designated as Poet Laureate for the Mech'71 Group and given a special award at the 2016 reunion !
Ashok said…
Right on Ramu. I have been trying to encourage him to finish his book on poetry that Julka plans to read aloud on a boat in the middle of Nainital lake :)
Ashok said…
Your nomination has been recorded though, closer to the time we shall call out to all to nominate all for some award or the other.
Ashok said…
The comments about the book were about the book - The Babaji Affair - that has the same sort of philosophy but I changed the image thinking it might be shameless promotion. The book is at Amazon.

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