Entropy Yoga Mats


Based on my interest in both science and spirituality, several years ago, I had coined the term  entropy yoga in this blog to interpret some principles of yoga from the point of view of classical thermodynamics. Some articles were also posted on ezinearticles.com. At that time it was not expected that the term will become popular with some yoga enthusiasts and some yoga schools but it has and as with most everything it has undergone varying interpretations by those who transmitted it.

Someone has even produced entropy yoga mats but not having seen one at close hand, this author is not aware of their specifications.  The original ancient specifications of yoga mats do need modifications because of availability of modern materials. Ancient materials were things like grass and animal skins that are not necessary anymore. If there is a manufacturer out there who would like to produce entropy yoga mats, please do get in touch and I shall gladly share my idea of it. The use of modern materials for entropy yoga mats is most appropriate since entropy yoga too is simply a modern interpretation of timeless yoga principles elaborated in an ancient historical period, however it is best to incorporate ancient sensibilities in this connection.

The ideal surface color for a yoga mat seems to be white or one of the natural colors found in deer or tiger skins. It is best to have it in a solid color although if a design is preferred, it may be that of a tiger or deer skin. Ancient yogis when using a deer skin often covered it with a cloth of solid color so the skin design was not in view in very many cases. Its width may vary between two and a half feet and three and a half feet while length is best between six and seven feet because some yoga postures such as Shav Asan require lying down on back.  Perhaps a small size ( 2.5' x 6') for traveling with the mat rolled up and a larger one for base (4' x 7') are ideal for the regular practitioner or perhaps an all purpose medium size of (3' x 6'3"). The materials for construction are more complicated and I would pass them on to an interested manufacturer since it would be too technical for the usual reader of this blog if interest was expressed in comments to this note.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.


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