Peace is the Bottom Line

A new headline was added to this blog mentioning – If you are looking for peace you are likely to find it in some of the posts of this blog. That was a conclusion based on seven years of experience with this blog. The various posts are on many assorted topics crucial to life and a visitor would have to browse or search through them to reach the ones that appeal to him or her. Peace really is a prerequisite to happiness and everything else worthwhile besides. When one has peace, a little some thing may produce happiness and when one lacks it, nothing will. Those who help promote peace in their interaction with other humans and the world, bring peace into their own lives through the eternal principle of reflection of deeds while surely making themselves more pleasing in the eyes of the Universe or the Lord in case they believe someone far mightier than them can govern this infinite universe. Persons like me believe in One considering we can not even make a single cell of our body or any other life form from the near infinite number of cells that make up all life, and it is indeed delightful to believe as described in very many posts of this blog..

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Vinod Khurana said…
Dear Ashok ji,
I fully agree with you that peace is the foremost requirement for happiness:


An animal is an animal
And a human not one
Yet who is peaceful and natural
Why he has friends none

A lion is a lion
A sheep a sheep
Difference there is
In appearance and built

A human is a human
Whatever he eats
Whatsoever he believes
Whether or not he feels or thinks

Believe in whatever you like
But see not with colored eyes
When one's mind is at peace
It captures what shouldn't be missed

But a moment comes in life
When peace fills your life
Renewing it full and complete
Whatever be your belief!

With warm Regards/ Vinod
Ashok said…
Thanks for contributing beautiful words once again Vinod Khurana. Hope you are well and in great health.

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