Playing as Happy Children in the Lord’s Garden

Two Children Playing

Children on the whole are happier than grown ups most times because children worry less about future, finances, health, career and everything else besides that troubles grown-ups and makes their lives less than happy. For the most part, children leave those worries to parents and other grown-ups while they concern themselves with their immediate needs of the day and their play. No wonder they sleep like a log and dream of sweet things while they do.

When we grow up, either our parents have already departed or if not, they may have become too old to play the role they did when we were young and would be in need of care instead. However, there are some adults who trust in the Lord and regard Him as both father and mother and therefore are able to win back some of the happiness they experienced as children. Certainly the Lord is infinite and formless but since His consciousness flows through everything he may be regarded as a Father or Mother or even both and even more – friend, teacher, brother etc.  This is the reason that it has often been found that those who believe in God are usually happier much more often than those who do not have that faith and end up worrying, fretting and bitching about life and the views of others rather than fix their own peace and well being.

A photo from the garden grown by the Lord for the author's home
Children who have one or both parents or in some cases even other grown-ups to look after them do not have to worry much except for doing something bad that will make mama or papa punish them. It is the same with grown-ups who start trusting in the Lord, because they too have to worry about not telling lies, hurting others etc. because they know that this Big Daddy or Mama punishes too.

What about those who do not believe in God, do they also get punished anyway? Well these are like the children who run away from home because they are bad often and get punished often at home. They escape the punishment of Mama and Papa but they get punished something awful by thugs and hoodlums on the street. The funny thing is that as a grown up we cannot run away from Big Papa because he is everywhere so he joins in with the thugs or angels as the case maybe in giving us our just deserts :- )

Be good, do good, trust in the Lord, then you shall find peace and joy whether you be child or old, even with one foot in the grave and even after life departs for that is just discarding clothes that are worn out for new ones all fresh and bright.

Top Image: Two Children Playing by Corne, Michele Felice, image  from Wikpedia


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