Will the World end in 2030 or 2050?

Humans as well as plants and animals live comfortably in the temperature range of 10 to 30 degree centigrade. When temperatures fall below 10 or rise above 30 it begins to get uncomfortable. Below zero or above 40 it sure is like hell. There are very few parts of the world where temperature remains in the range of 10 to 30 and therefore most humans do suffer a bit of hellish or hell-like conditions for at least a part of the year, unless they have implemented man-made measures to mitigate the discomfort.. Aside from these hot and cold hells there are also dry and wet hells on earth. The dry ones are near desert areas and the wet ones are those that are prone to floods almost every year such as in the Philippines and Bangladesh. Aside from what the climate gives, humans can do a lot to improve their living. Thus while some in Canada have made life comfortable through things like central heating, some other parts of the world have made living worse and closer to hell due to corruption, disorderly life (opposite of entropy yoga) and poor governance.

Those who are spiritually inclined and trust deeply in the doings of the Universal intelligence believe that all life gets exactly the conditions it deserves and that there is no error in this universal law. If that be the case one may then question what is it that the majority of humans have done to deserve their less than desirable settings. That is not a very difficult question to answer. Very many humans are prone to the practice of greed, physical or verbal violence and the use of lies for personal benefit and the destruction of the environment such as forests.

A second relevant question to ask, assuming once again that the law is true is that if humans changed and became good persons in the main. protecting environment and the forests, shunning violence, greed and lies, would they be able to attain heaven like living conditions? The population of earth has reached seven billion and is increasing every year. There is hardly any room in the climatically pleasant parts of the world to house so many. Rather the reverse is happening as humans are being increasingly pushed into more and more crowded cities and dwellings due to a rapidly rising population, many compelled to live in homes like those of insects, stacked to the left, right, above and below as in a beehive, unless they become homeless and can freeze on an open street.

However the Universal intelligence is also infinitely powerful. If a time comes that humans in the main turn to a new leaf or as is happening most become evil beyond sustainable levels, it is within its easy reach to prune the population down in a hurry. There are comets that can be ordered to change their course for example and collide with the earth bringing an end to over population just as the dinosaurs were once ended in the past, leaving just a few chosen souls to enjoy the planet later.

Saintly persons and advanced yogis who are tuned in to the Universal consciousness know some of the future. That is why they are called prophets too. Many of them including Jesus and Baba Haidakhan (read about him here) have predicted that such a time shall come soon. What their soon means is however a different matter because when one tunes in to the Universal consciousness time scales can vary vastly. One might make a guess that this time would be preceded by a time of a rapid increase of population to reach its sustainable limit of around ten billion. Some fairly reliable predictions place that point at 2050. So will the world as we know, a world in which thousands of children are killed or millions including the aged displaced from their homes on a routine basis, while some of the world claps at it and much of the world remains unconcerned, worrying more about trivia, come to an end in 2050? Personally this author thinks that the sustainable limit of our planet is more nearly 9 billion rather than ten billion. If that be the case the world as we know it may end in 2030 or 2040 depending on the prediction one refers to.

Yet the world is not without hope. Perhaps all in not lost yet. Perhaps the words of the prophets have not been understood fully. The world could still turn a new leaf and begin to uphold values of love, justice and truth rather than just self interest, greed, pride sans compassion. Things could change then. Modern communications can be a great aid in this direction because lies and evil prosper in the dark and get exposed and controlled when information flows freely. It would then not be necessary for the Universal consciousness to overhaul a planet gone astray on a massive scale. The change would have to begin from the top, from the leaders of the most powerful and richest countries of our planet, because when a fire starts from within and reaches the top, the flames have to be doused beginning from the top, when a cancer begins within and engulfs a body to reach the surface, the cure has to begin at the surface.

Individuals free of excessive greed, lies and evil need not worry in either case. As regards individuals, nothing stops them from pursuing the path of love, truth and simplicity and the same prophets that have foretold the end of the world have also foretold that these latter shall be saved and personally protected by the Universal hand, assuring them a future filled with joy, beauty, peace and divine bliss. Small numbers of deserving humans already live in that state in places such as shown in the picture with this note and the eternally sweet divine music already plays for them. 

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