Singing Children

Over the past few months, moved by distress of large numbers of children in different parts of the world, I have written furiously, more actively towards the cause than ever before from children on the the American borders to most recently those in Gaza, in this blog as well as much elsewhere on Facebook, Twitter and various other places online. The hope has been to win a few hearts and minds to come forward and contribute in any way they can to help relieve the distress of a child or even a few children, or in the very least to stop making it more difficult for them by branding them as illegals, human shields etc and whatever else increases the distress of these sweet innocent yet traumatized children. Many of my communications have been addressed to world leaders, world organizations and to ordinary folks like you and me. In the process it goes without saying that it upsets some vested interests deriving benefits, howsoever misguided, from the situation and one also faces criticism in any such endeavor aside from appreciation by others who share the concern.

Nevertheless, if all the effort has saved the life on even one child, brought laughter and a smile in the lives of a few more, the long hours spent have been worth it, even though it is certain that the impact has been much wider. Therefore readers come forth and join the song that brings joy in the lives of children.

Since this note was written, while the distress of children in Gaza and American borders have eased a bit, a new one has begun in Yemen, South Sudan and with Syrian Refugees. It is most heart breaking to see scenes of children starving in Yemen or little toddlers of three or four making their way as refugees through Europe in cold and rain. What has come over our world that it has become so impotent to do something for these sweet children even. Has greed, selfishness and pride blinded it completely? The world  spares no efforts to ever supply arms and bombs for these conflicts but does little to bring peace. If it continues on this course, it will surely cause the Universe that gave birth to all life to intervene and bring about the last days to a new beginning when much of civilization as we know of shall be no more. All good humans of the Earth, please pray for our children and never hesitate to make your voice heard for them, in whatever way you can.


Ashok said…
as usual did a round of editing to the first draft of the post removing some unnecessary parts and and adding a word or two and as usual it has become more compact and nicer, I think.

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