An Appeal to Gaza, Israel and America

A humanitarian appeal for a part of the world that has seen one of the worst tragedies that mankind and little children have seen in recent times, for the sake of the loveliest amongst humans- little children:

Now that a ceasefire has come this author hopes that Gaza and Israel would both work hard to let bygones be bygones and work towards a better, safer and brighter future for their children. Americans could atone for any inadvertent errors of the past in ensuring that this happens while contributing in a major way towards the rebuilding of Gaza that lies in ruins because it is primarily American support, vetoes, money and weapons that have made this havoc possible. The money for this reconstruction will not place any additional burden on the American people if simply the aid America gives to Israel is redirected for a few years towards this reconstruction. It would be in the best of American values and tradition where even in the past it has helped countries like Germany and Japan to recover from the devastation of war. Lives lost cannot be recovered but at least homes and infrastructure to improve the lives of children that remain can be restored.
Gaza, Israel and America and the Children of Gaza
Note: A spelling error occurred in the hurriedly produced poster, by=be, but would just let that stay now as something that the Lord ordained

The following suggestion for Israel about rockets from Gaza has been in the public domain for more than five years now  

PS: Links to this post were communicated to concerned parties via twitter so that they may reach some while peace talks are on in Cairo. The talks appear to be a great beginning and one tweet said that Israel has agreed to lift blockade. That is a great start, the rest is as in this post


Vincent said…
Role of HAMAS in all this?
Ashok said…
This one is not about arguing and digging the past but about getting away from it all them into love and peace to build a better future and security for the children of the region, both of Israel and Palestine.
There is enough of the other stuff elsewhere and everywhere else.
Ashok said…
In any case good to hear from you again Vincent, How are you?

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