A Rose is a thing of Beauty

A white rose bush at home
While our planet has numerous pretty flowers, the rose somehow has a very special place. The sight of a rose never fails to gladden the heart despite the fact that it has thorns underneath, perhaps as a warning to life that beauty must be treated with delicacy and care or it will bite. The home in which I have stayed most in the past quarter century was built by me bit by bit in a rather dry and hot part of the country. As a result rose bushes do not come up as well as in cooler northern parts that I have lived in too from time to time in this quarter century. Nevertheless rose bushes may be grown and they do bloom well for a part of the year with a little care for the plant. 

White roses
My favorites are the yellow and white varieties but these bloom with less profusion here than reds and pinks. Therefore in the first fifteen years or so the yellow and white varieties died off quickly. However a change has taken place in the last seven years and now the other colors have dried off and only white remains. My understanding is that flowering plants, especially the sensitive ones sense the inner emotional state of the owner and choose their locations according to emotional compatibility. The change of colors signifies this. An earlier post in this blog has gone into the meaning of rose colors (see here).

Therefore, when I wrote a novel some years ago that included the creation of a  new town in the Himalayas (see The Babaji Affair and Nude besides the lake) it is not surprising that I made the town into the rose capital of the Himalayas. The story has a nude mystic, something that some eastern mystics do and people of this town are forever trying to garland him with roses to hide his willy for a photo shoot :)

This summer was a hot one and the rose bushes had stopped blooming but with a good monsoon and cooler temperatures they have burst forth once again.There are enough to make a garland in case a Himalayan Mystic drops in, dressed in nothing but the sky. LOL :)


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